Dawah with Compassion and Humane Outlook can Solve Pressing Problems

Dawah with Compassion and Humane Outlook can Solve Pressing Problems

It is time to be close to the countrymen, instead of raising the slogan of enmity and hatred with the BJP, Congress and other parties. If Muslims today will get themselves identified as a true Muslims before the world then no doubt, it will of course bring again the memories of the golden ages of early Islam even today.

By Mufti Muhammad Rashid Qasmi

By nature, every nation, one way or the other, will have to counter such adverse situations that put them in danger and continue to threaten their existence as the pages of history bear witness.  Muslims specially, who are considered as the deputation of Allah Almighty, suffer from the oppression and privation. This happens solely because when they close their eyes to the responsibilities which falls on their shoulders and do walk on the path that is opposed to what they are commanded.

The destruction of Bagdad by Mongol forces is no more hidden today from anyone. They not only eliminated lakhs of Muslims in Halab, Damascus and Syria but also the biggest and renowned library of Bagdad was set to the fire. This was the first downfall of Muslims in entire history.

Sometimes the unfavorable situations emerge just to test the mettle of men. As Allah Almighty says that:

“And we will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient.” (Baqarah: 155)

These happenings sometimes come into sight as blessings of Allah Almighty and on occasion, it appears in the form of His wrath. The former one becomes a blessing when the man is given taufiq to seek forgiveness and to repent Allah Almighty from his sinful deeds. The latter ones shows Allah's wrath when people are steeped in self-serving interests and ignore the Shariah commands.

The situation of the country is crystal clear, after the BJP party came in power. The image of Muslims was roiled by baseless issues such as triple talaq and love jihad etc, raised by the nationalists and still there conspiracies are going nonstop. In short, the rivals of Islam are constantly putting out all the stops just to declare the Muslims as transgressors, callous, terrorists, ignorant and habituated to committing crimes. As a result, today Muslims being in their own land, are being considered as outsiders and are unsafe everywhere in the country.

Of late, in one of the most important and most anticipated judgments in India's history, a 5-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi put an end to the more than a century old dispute that has torn the social fabric of the nation. It gave a seismic shock to the country's social equilibrium and communal harmony. Muslims shed bloody tears on this expected judgment. There is a cloudburst of accusations against each other.  What else they can do except this, when the judgment is beyond their comprehension. 

It will not be exaggeration to say that Meer Jafar and Meer Sadique like puppets had a played a foxy role to make the Muslims handicapped and to bring the decision in the favor of the majority.

Being deprived of the historical masjid is not a typical issue that we can forget. In spite of this, we observe no change anywhere after this decision as it should be. Regretfully, Muslims have made the social media an arena to demonstrate their sorrow and distress. Their mosques are still remained vacant as it were earlier. The minarets of the mosques call them five times in a day but remorsefully, they do not pay attention in response to it.

They just curse the oppressors and hope that Almighty Allah once again will send the birds in flocks for their help. It is nothing but a sort of silliness. They must keep in mind that Allah (swt) does not change the state of a people till they change themselves.

After the verdict, everyone is raising a question that what should Muslims do now. Where should they go when the justice-established court started doing injustice instead of justice and when the voice raised by the oppressed people to get justice, is considered as a crime?

Muslims see no sign of hope under the thick layer of the pessimism they suffer from. Is there any option to come out from such depressed mental attitude and to revive the prestigious days back once again? Seemingly, any good initiative is not expected to be taken by the Indian Muslims as the current phenomena shows. They however, are commanded to plan and not to be hopeless.  As, Allah Almighty says:

“O creatures of God, those of you who acted against your own interests should not be disheartened of the mercy of God.” (Zumr: 33).

History shows that at the time of treaty of Hudaibiyah the Prophet (saws) and his companions showed their extreme patience by accepting all the terms as dictated by disbelievers of Makkah. It was one of the most outstanding events and proved to be a turning point in Islamic history.

When the Prophet returned from Hudaibiya, he received the Divine revelation that Almighty Allah had put a seal of honor on this treaty and called it "Fatah Al-Mubeen" (Manifest Victory) in the Qur'an. After this treaty, the enemies started to be close to Muslims and began to establish monetary dealings with each other. As Allamah Shibli Nomani (rh) writes:

“The treaty disclosed the unseen secret that Muslims did not meet each other before this treaty. This treaty, however, helped them to start a communication with each other. The disbelievers used to come for business purposes to Madina, meet Muslims and stay here for months after months. When discussing with each other Muslims used to mention the Islamic teachings before them. 

Muslims undoubtedly, were equipped with the high morals and sincerity.  Hence when any Muslim arrived to Makkah the disbelievers were impressed by their good conduct and sincerity. From this treaty till to conquest of Makkah (fath-e Makkah) a large number of people embraced Islam as such huge numbers never seen before it.”   (Seeratun Nabi 1/266).

This fact shows that as Allah (swt) says in the Qur'an that you may like a thing but it may be not good for you and you may dislike a thing and it may be good for you.

Although we today lost the Babri Masjid but the reaction presented by Muslims evoked the treaty of Hudaibiyah. Therefore, Muslims should not be disappointed at all. They can hope from Allah Almighty, that this masjid once again will be jeweled with foreheads of Muslims.

Here some important suggestions are mentioned which will surely help Muslims to recover their lost prestige.

At first they should make a firm relation with Allah Almighty. They should repent from every sin that they have committed so far, intentionally or unintentionally. All their efforts, objectives and logic will mingle in dust if our Lord is not pleased with them. They need to be real Muslims and not be Muslims in name only. They need to comply with the sunnah of the prophet (saws) in every walk of life. This is the only way to be close to Allah and to please Him.

Secondly, they should be united on the ground of national and political interests so as to give their rivals as good as they get, putting aside the sectarian differences. They should avoid sharing such a message that causes to hurt others sentiments. If it is needed, then the argument should be presented in a scientific, humane way and in positive manner so that no chaos would take place leading to hatred and enmity.

Thirdly, it is not faith or wisdom that they should be at the mercy of current happenings. However, the time demands to start a movement of spreading a massage of love and affection among other communities.

Being the ummah of the prophet (saws) they need to demolish the fence of enmity and hatred that intervenes between Muslims and the countrymen due to some rowdy elements. They need to meet the Hindu leaders, be it related to RSS, Shev Sena or other Hindu organizations. They need to reach every individual with a watertight plan and with compassion and humility. This is the only way to create a friendly environment and to change the callous hearts. This is because there is some good in everyone; they only need to discover and kindle it.

It is sorry to say that, that Muslims being the representatives of best religion of Islam they could not design any plan to convey its message to 80 crore people. Seventy years passed after the country became free from the clutches of the British people, but we just could do 7% percent dawah work. Let alone the individual effort, if truth be told, Muslims did nothing in this regard. Had they carried out the mission given by the prophet (saws) with togetherness they would have not faced humiliation and annihilation today. 

The country can be changed into a peaceful land, if their religious organizations and leading parties take this issue to their hearts. This is the best moment to make a long time plan for the Dawah work. The history shows that many people converted their religion when the conspiracies and propagandas reached its zenith against Islam and Muslims in Anglo countries.

It should also be kept in mind that, doing Dawah work is not only the responsibility of the Ulama but every individual is addressed to do it.  Whenever we talk with the commoners about it they reply that we do not have much religious knowledge then how can they invite others towards right path. This is nothing but sort of inferiority complex and stupidity. Let alone the knowledge, the Islamic history clarifies the fact that, people have come in hordes in the religion of Islam just being impressed by good morals and manners of its followers.

Therefore, it is time to be close to the countrymen, instead of raising the slogan of enmity and hatred with the BJP, Congress and other parties. If Muslims today will get themselves identified as a true Muslims before the world then no doubt, it will of course bring again the memories of the golden ages of early Islam even today.

The writer is teacher at MMERC, Mumbai