A Delegation from Zambia Visits MMERC, Mumbai and Gives Practical Insights to the Students

A Delegation from Zambia Visits MMERC, Mumbai and Gives Practical Insights to the Students

EC News Desk

Mumbai, December 7, 2019: A delegation of 4 social activists headed by Gulamhusein A. Patel arrived at Markazul Ma’arif Education and Research Centre (MMERC) on Saturday morning to have a visit and see the working and teaching methods of the centre. The delegation was impressed observing the working conditions of MMERC and its efforts to develop madrasa graduates and enable them to face the contemporary challenges.

They expressed that they found MMERC beyond their expectations. Maulana Atiqur Rahman Qasmi, MMERC Branch In-charge welcomed the delegation and conducted an interactive session with the students who are pursuing a two-year Diploma in English and Language and Literature (DELL) course. Maulana Qasmi also briefly explained to them MMERC’s vision and its services in uplifting Muslim ummah particularly madrasa graduates in the field of education.

The group of delegates includes Mr. Gulamshusein A. Patel, F.B. I. M. Commissioner for Oaths, Mr. Mohammad Ismail Badat, Lusaka, Mr. Mohammad Yusuf and Mr. Muhammad Umar. They interacted with MMERC students and teachers and shared their views about the pressing need of Muslim leaders in the field of education and social reforms.

While conversing with the students, Mr. Gulamhusein A. Patel stressed upon the need for all students to be adorned with good morals and conducts transcending the barriers of discrimination and prejudice; and he urged them to work for development of human family in the world. This good morals character will benefit them in becoming messengers of peace for the world and work as leaders for the global community. He best exemplified his words by a proverb said by Billy Graham, “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.”

Mr. Patel further motivated the students to serve the humanity by conveying the message of peace and harmony throughout the world. He also threw some light on the life of the prophet Mohammad (saws) and his practical guidance to people of all times as how they should behave and act in accordance with the dictates of Almighty Allah.

Mr. Patel is a 94-year old Gujarat-based social activist who presently lives in Lusaka, Zambia and offers his services across the borders, particularly in imparting Islamic and moral education in various countries. He migrated to Zambia in 1947 and has been doing business besides social work through various organizations in different countries.

 All the students enjoyed the session with one of the most experience men in the field and derived benefits from the guest about how to work comprehensively in the present world and face contemporary challenges. At the end of the session, he allowed the students to ask questions and responded to them with grace of pleasure.

On the occasion, there were teachers of MMERC especially Maulana Mudassir Ahmad Qasmi, lecturer at MMERC, and assistant editor, Eastern Crescent, Mumbai.

MMERC believes that through interaction with delegates from foreign countries, in this instance, and with others who are experienced and field-aware, the students get a feeling of importance of the concerning fields and get motivated to work with practical application of the rules of the Qur’an and Islamic jurisprudence. This is the reason that MMERC conducts such programs from time to time to inspire the students and motivate them.