23 Muslims Acquitted after 11 Years

23 Muslims Acquitted in False Communal Riot Case of Dhule after 11 Years

Jamiat Ulama provided legal aid to the accused

Eastern Crescent News Desk

Mumbai, December 7, 2019: The principal judge of Dhule session court acquitted all 23 Muslim youngsters, who have been facing trial for last 11 years in Dhule communal riot case. The communal clashes erupted after a poster was torn down in Dhule city in 2008 and the riot created tensions in the nearby villages consequently the curfew was imposed on the riot-hit areas and lifted over a week later.

All the accused Muslim youngsters were provided legal aid by Jamiat Ulama-e Hind Maharashtra (Arshad Madni). While highlighting the case Gulzar Ahmad Azami, the head of Jamiat’s legal aid committee, said that advocate, Ashfaq Shaikh and his assistants were appointed by Jamiat to defend the accused Muslims.

Briefing the case Mr. Azami said that some evil elements tore a poster hanging near theater in Dhule city which was containing the photos of Saith Sabir and some other politicians. After the incident, communal riot erupted all over the city. A case was filed in local police station and 38 people were arrested including 23 Muslims youngsters. Muslims were accused in the case that they were involved in sparking the fight, attack and illegally gathering in Hindu areas and uttering anti-Hindu slogans to instigate people. The session judge, Mangla Mote acquitted all accused men in the case with due respect because of lack of admissible evidences. Adv. Ashfaq Shaikh successfully represented the Muslims and comprehensively defended them.

Mr. Gulzar Azami, expressing his happiness on the verdict, congratulated advocate Ashfaq Khan and other members of Jamiat Ulama especially Mushtaq Sufi, Mustafa known as Pappu Mulla, Mahmod Rabbani etc.

Mr. Gulzar Azami told that 10 to 12 cases were lodged against each of accused men following the riot accusations but today’s judgment instilled a hope in our hearts that they will get rid of all other cases too with honor.

The men who were set free are Ashfaq Mansoori, Mohammad Kalim Ansari, Mushtaq Ahmad, Abdul Qadir, Shaikh Sadiq, Shaikh Anwar, Asif Sayyed, Mueenunddin Qazi, Sharif Shaikh, Ghiyas Khan, Mohammad Ayyub Shah, Rauf Shah, Haji Abdur Razzaq, Feeroz Khan, Yusuf Khan, Anees Raziq, Shaikh Hasan Ansari, Wasim Ahmad, and Rafiq Pinjri.