New year is not to celebrate but to take lesson from past and plan for the betterness of future

New year is not to celebrate but to take lesson from past and plan for the betterness of future

By Md Saquib Anwar

“Time and tide wait for none”.  The time is the most valuable subject in everyone's life. Allah (swt) created the heavens and earth within a span of time to show people the value of time; otherwise He could do everything only just saying "Kun" (Be). Every creature that exists has a certain period of time even the sun and the moon to rise and set.  Though it is said that, time is measured by the hours, days, years and so on but, in actual if we think deeply over it we will come to know that there is no limit of time and it is not  such a thing that we can measure.

Time plays a crucial and significant role in human life. Each one of us must realise the value of time, utilising it very carefully and wisely, so that it could be productive for us in our worldly lives and in hereafter too.  The time is really very very precious and important for all of us. It will be not trite to say that, time is more important and valuable than money because, we can earn money whenever we want but, we cannot bring the time back which has passed by any means.

We should not waste time. Since the time is surrounded with our lives, we must know the value of time and its importance because, the time once lost cannot be regained ever. That is why, when we scrutinize the lives of great personalities and most successful persons, we will come at conclusion that, they never squandered nor did they waste their times in useless activities. They understood the value and importance of time being always punctual of it.

Allah (swt) refers His swearing to the time in various places of the glorious Qur'an which is the clear pointer on emphasis on the its value and significance. But unfortunately, the Muslim nation which was supposed to understand the value of time and the purpose for what they have been sent down to this world, is very neglectful about it. And therefore they are backward in all spheres of life. They have indulged in unnecessary things, forgetting their main purpose of lives.

This is the time to think deeply over the causes led us to this disparate situation. We must scrutinize ourselves that, where we are and where we should be. Does each one of us fulfill his duty and obligation as a Muslim, utilising time accurately.

Before indulging in new-year celebration, we must put this in consideration that, the time that we have spent, what we lost and what we obtained. Did we manage to please our creator or not?

New year is not to celebrate but, to take lessons from past, avoiding such evil things done by us in past and to make good plan of functioning righteousness and good deeds for future to please Allah (swt).

Moreover, in this critical situation when we are facing lots and lots of problems even our enemies are leaving no stone unturned to eradicate and uproot our existence from our own country by introducing unjust and discriminatory act (CAB & NRC), we need to be fully prepared to fight against all these calamities and catastrophes and against everything goes against humanity.

How can we celebrate the new year while we see some people and some politicians, whom we selected, to act according to constitution and according to will of people are trying to quash and smash the Constitution which is considered the soul of India, given by Dr B.R. Ambedkar! –The Constitution which ensures every Indian citizen's equality.

It seems that these so-called politicians have no respect for the Constitution and for the sentiments of common people.

I pray that everyone's new year would be pleasant and prosperous but at the same time I feel that the upcoming years are going to deteriorate because of some nefarious people if we do not unite and not take stringent actions against these people and against unjust and discriminatory laws.

However, we should not lose our hopes. We believe in Allah who has all power to change the unpleasant situation to a pleasant, from fear to peace.

May Allah bless you all and protect us all from all sorts of sufferings and difficulties.

The writer is a first-year student of B.A. at JMI, Delhi