Positive Thoughts towards All Leads to Positive Outcomes

Positive Thoughts towards All Leads to Positive Outcomes

Today the society has been badly affected by negativity. Instead of accepting people as they are, most people criticize others on petty issues.

By Mufti Mohammed Rashid Qasmi

By nature every human being’s heart is engraved with various types of ideologies. Some are able to derive the positive benefit from the negative aspects while others draw the negative aspects from the positive ones. The former ones enjoy their lives in every situation they face be it good or bad, while the later ones are always seen in anguish and trying to get comfort and serenity despite they have all the recourses to make a successful life and to derive the grace of empowerment.

The drops of rain fall in the mouth of both snake and conch-- but it turns into a precious pearl in its mouth while it becomes venom in the mouth of the snake. The same is true of positive and negative thoughts.

The person swamped by negative thoughts always attempts to arouse an atmosphere of discontent in society leading him and others to trouble in interpersonal relationships. The man filled with positive thoughts is considered as a ray of hope for the society. He zestfully makes every possible effort to sort out problems that happen day in and day out.  He ensures to the best of his ability to uproot and minimize the evils pervading society. This enables him to spread an affable ambiance. Succinctly, positive thoughts give an immense push in shaping a person into a real human being, sensitive to the needs of others. In doing this, he paves the way for own success in both this life and the hereafter.

The tragedy is that, today the society has been badly affected by negativity. Instead of accepting people as they are, most people criticize others on petty issues. When praising someone they exaggerate his deeds and make him on top of the world; conversely, when deriding someone they push him on a very minor mistake to the lowest depths of humiliation.

No group among us is ready, be it political or religious, to commend the activities of others despite in a true sense, they are worthy to be admired. They consider it obligatory to carp and denounce In case they find something that goes contrary to their views or frame of reference. They rebuff the sympathetic efforts of others. Just in a word or two they hurt the hearts of the commoners; a little spark of misplaced animosity is enough to start the blazing fire of hatred.

One must be fully aware of a person whom they are targeting before he fires his gun at him. For, it may later come into view that he mistakenly did something wrong or if he did intentionally, then should try to find out the real reason that compelled him to do it they must also try to understand his situation. There is a saying in French “touts comprendre c’est tout pardonner”; this means that to understand all is to forgive all—(that entire he has done.)

Regretfully, today a huge gathering of so-called thinkers and critics emerged like frogs in the rain, which start croaking. The incessant commotion of criticism ensures smog in heated debate. This spills over onto a great hubbub on social media.

This happens when they dislike other people’s ideologies or write-ups that do not measure up to their limited views. They sometimes snub the messages just looking at the name of the writers, without they go through it and think about it from all its angles.

They forget where they stand and to whom they are talking whether with elders or educated people but start verbalizing whatever comes to their mouths. They continue the fruitless discussion for hours after hours even this may continue for weeks. The end result is that such talk defaces their image and causes wastage of time.  

At times, some of them start to pettifog when they are asked to bring the discussion to a close. Thus, in a flash, their self-fueled gusto of being a reformer or thinker turns into odium and hostility. This may lead to disorient the milieu of society. Therefore, it has been well said:  It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

The negativity of the Muslim nation and their fraternal wrangles play a big role in their remaining always at the back in every field. Furthermore, the country despite its vast spread seems to be constricting for them. This is one of the main reasons why the Muslim nation, one of the biggest minorities, could not elect any significant leaders so far. Many leaders with passionate fervor come with flying colors for the amelioration of the nation and country but their dreams could not be realized as some elements with negative thought and insidious intent hatch conspiracies against them.

The sorry fate of some Muslim leaders who emerged in the recent and distant past were pilloried by negative elements; this fate haunts the up-and-coming leaders who shy away from politics, thinking that they will meet the same fate as those of the others before them.

Sometimes, some artful-mind people in the attire of sincerity and devotion come out and claim with high sounding words and with folded hands to lead Muslims and claim to solve the Muslims’ problems. But after they acquire the trappings of power they forget whatever they had uttered in public and promised to them. Thus they falsify the real picture of Islam and go down the garden path of betrayal, preferring personal interests over public weal. In this context, we are reminded of the category of besmirched leaders such as Meer Jafar and Meer Sadiq. Their names have become synonymous with foxiness in the black chapter of history.

On the other hand, fruitful attempts are always made by Muslims with great sincerity to support and strengthen the secular Hindus party and to weaken its opposition but this ideology could not give us any good result as it was expected. Muslims were always led down by every party they supported by trusting them. The time however, demands to be much conscious of who is a real friend and who the real enemy is. When will Muslims realize with their good sense, which demands that the believer is not trapped in the same snare twice.    

Undoubtedly, the country is sitting on a volcano after the BJP party came to power. Particularly after CAA was passed in Rajya Sabha recently, goaded the public to register protests throughout the country.

This is for the first time that the scale and the intensity of the protests show that the people, particularly, Muslims are fed up with the stratagems of the ruling party. They see it as opposed to even the constitution, which guarantees equal rights to all citizens. To add insult to injury, police resorted to brute force to quell the peaceful protests by university students, particularly of Jamia Millia Islamia. They, instead of dealing with the young and bright students with kid gloves, unleashed a chapter of violence on campuses. This was on expected lines as they want to serve the power-that-be.

The country severely besieged by sorrow and anger is crying to be united regardless of caste, creed and religion to prevent the strong arm tactics of the police. It appeals all sane-minded people, especially Muslim organizations to be a single body. They instead of criticizing and fighting each other should demonstrate good morals and manners with their countrymen in an effective and positive manner.

They should urge the masses to register their peace protests against the BJP government without taking the law into their own hands. Incidentally, it might be significant to mention that Maharashtra has not witnessed many riotous scenes, partly because, purportedly, the police have been instructed to not take strict action against the protestors.

Muslim organizations should urge the masses to present a positive picture of the community by sharing their views and emotions with their Hindu brethren and deal with them with a high moral caliber so that they do not engage in senseless violence against the government orders, however unappealing they may be. They should make the people known about the connivances concocted by the government and to take a ground-breaking step to raze every evil that threats the security of democracy and constitution of India.

Muslims must understand that, as they are bound to act upon the Sharia injunctions in the same way they are asked to follow the constitution of India. It is beauty of Islam that it does not permit its followers to go beyond the limits in the case of both happiness and sorrow. To mourn on the disability or cowardice of any leader or organization or humiliate them openly is nothing but stupidity. This will help the situation to not deteriorate from bad to worse.

We must cogitate on our actions and do constant self-appraisals as to whether we are in line with the spirit of Islam, enshrined in the Qur’an for all posterity. If we do not agree with any one’s suggestion or view we must give them wide latitude. Furthermore, we may agree to disagree, and even more, pray for them to be shown the right path in our duas.

All Muslims should spread always a positive message about the future of Muslims in the country. They must try to correct their own deeds –before jumping to criticize others -- and repent from their own sins. Being citizens of India, they must attempt to be honest in fulfilling the duty given to them.  

Trust in Allah (swt) can move mountains. The same trust should be encouraged among all Muslims brothers without harming them in any way by word or deed. Trust! The change is about to come because when bafflement and unrest crosses its limit then people try to take revenge from the authorities, who they perceive, as the cause of their problems. Their positive approach could help them to find out the real talents within the community who can be future leaders.

Believe! Believe in Allah (swt) and then struggle and work hard to face all problems both within and without so as to usher in a new and pleasant dawn on the earth of India, in solidarity with all, especially Muslims. Insha’Allah!

The writer is teacher at MMERC, Mumbai