Taapsee Pannu to Shabana Azmi: Bollywood celebrities condemn JNU attack

Taapsee Pannu to Shabana Azmi: Bollywood celebrities condemn JNU attack

From Taapsee Pannu to Shabana Azmi, many Bollywood celebrities took to Twitter to condemn JNU attack.

Masked goons entered the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and thrashed students and professors on Sunday night. The attackers, armed with sticks and sledgehammer, also damaged university property.

The attack has been widely condemned by Bollywood celebrities. Many of them took to social media to show their anger over it.

Bollywood celebrities took to their social media handles to condemn the rampage carried out by a masked mob on the students and teachers. Swara Bhasker, Taapsee Pannu, Anurag Kashyap, Shabana Azmi, Riteish Deshmukh and others have opened up about the violence.

Actress Swara Bhaskar, who is an alumna of the university, tweeted about the incident. The actress, whose mother is a JNU professor and lives on the campus, posted a video, making an appeal to help students.

She wrote, "Urgent appeal!!!! To all Delhiites PLS gather in large numbers outside the Main Gate of JNU campus on Baba Gangnath Marg.. to pressure the govt. & #DelhiPolice to stop the rampage by alleged ABVP masked goons on JNU campus. PLS PLS share to everyone in Delhi! 9pm on 5th. Jan."

Shabana Azmi shared Swara's posted saying, "This is beyond shocking ! Condemnation is not enough. Immediate action needs to be taken against the perpetrators."

Shabana shared a video of the violence on the campus and wrote, "Is this really happening ? Im not in India and it all seems like a nightmare. 20 Students Admitted To AIIMS As Violence Breaks Out In JNU."

Shabana also wrote, "Students and Teachers beaten. Reprehensible, Appalling Condemnable. Immediate action must be taken against the perpetrators Stones Large Enough To Break Our Skulls": JNU Teacher On Violence."

Ritesh Deshmukh wrote, "Why do you need to cover your face? Because you know you are doing something wrong, illegal & punishable. There is no honour in this-Its horrific to see the visuals of students & teachers brutally attacked by masked goons inside JNU-Such violence cannot & should not be tolerated."

Vishal Dadlani wrote, "I'm sorry, students of #JNU and of India. You're bearing the brunt of a fascist dictatorship & we, the people, YOUR people, your Nation, are failing you."

Dia Mirza wrote, "How long will this be allowed to continue? How long will you turn a blind eye? How long will the defenceless be attacked in the name of politics or religion? Enough is enough. @DelhiPolice."

Taapsee Pannu wrote, "such is the condition inside what we consider to be a place where our future is shaped. It’s getting scarred forever. Irreversible damage. What kind of shaping up is happening here, it’s there for us to see.... saddening."

Twinkle Khanna wrote, "India,where cows seem to receive more protection than students, is also a country that now refuses to be cowed down. You can’t oppress people with violence-there will be more protests,more strikes,more people on the street."

Kriti Sanon, wrote, “It breaks my heart to see what happened at JNU! What’s going on in India is horrifying!! Students & teachers being beaten up & terrorized by masked cowards!! The constant blame game!Stooping so low for political agendas!Violence is NEVER a solution! How have we become so inhuman?”

Anubhave Sinha, “All my colleagues present in the meeting with the Government right now, please talk to them about what’s going on in JNU right now. You can’t offer us scrumptious dinners while atrocities go on with students.”

“Aparna Sen wrote, “JNU students being beaten up by ABVP goons. Live on TV! How much longer are you going to look the other way? Or r u spineless? Yes I AM a liberal! Yes, I AM secular! And proud to be so if THIS is the alternative. Shame! Shame on ABVP & the police who are aiding & abetting them!”

Neeraj Ghaywan wrote, “Dear Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, spare us your moral high ground and get out there, stand in front of the JNU gate. If not anything, your presence will add pressure on the cops. Not the time for political grandstanding!”

Anurag Kashyap wrote, “Hindutva terrorism is now totally out there . #JNUSU

Vishal Dadlani, “None of us can claim to be a citizen of a Democracy any more. That is clearly a lie.”

Vishal Bhardwaj wrote, “Hai Dastoor ki subah hone se pehle Raaton ka gehra ho jaana laazim hai Zulm badhaao abhee tumhare zulmon ka Had se baahar bhee ho jaana laazim hai It’s shameful and enraging to see what’s happening in #JNUViolence

Neha Dhupia wrote, “When is this madness going to end... what’s the price one can put on an innocent life. Frightening to see images of students and faculty members being attacked and hurt. This level of violence is unacceptable... #JNU

Knonkona Senshuarma wrote, “Who are these masked cowards attacking students? Why are the police not protecting them?? Unbelievable.”

Ranganathan Madhavan wrote, “I was very upset and angry. Violence has no place in this world we live in and especially with and students.. and those that attack women need to be dealt with savagely.”