How CAA, NRC and NPR will impact you?

How CAA, NRC and NPR will impact you?

By M Burhanuddin Qasmi

Notably, out of 19 lakh people not included in the final National Register of Citizenship (NRC) list in Assam, roughly 14 lakhs are not Muslims who are out of NRC Assam. Out of these 14 lakh non-Muslims who are presently not citizens of India through Assam NRC, approximately 05 lakhs are immigrants from Bangladesh who will be granted Indian citizenship by recently enacted CAA.

Let alone 05 lakh Muslims, what about those 09 lakh remaining non-Muslims who are not included in the Final NRC in Assam? Who will give them citizenships and how?

BJP-led governments both in the state of Assam as well as in the Centre categorically stated that the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 (CAA) will not help anyone not an immigrant. On the other hand, those 09 lakh non-Muslim people have been rightly claiming that they were and they are Indians and not migrants from any country.

Do you still think CAA, NRC and NPR will only impact Muslims in India?

No, it will impact all Indians equally, especially, the poor, SC, ST, OBC and women who are less educated and without required documents to prove their citizenship. The CAA will only help those non-Muslims who legally or illegally migrated to India before 31st December, 2014 from three neighboring Muslims majority countries.

CAA, NRC and NRP are like killer Demonetization which was claimed to be against rich people only but practically it did pain the poor, the most, and destroyed India's whole economy which was rightly warned by the experts and famous economists earlier but our ruling party - BJP was joking over them. Similarly, all political and social experts, scholars and the whole world is expressing serious concerns against the CAA, NRC and NPR and warning that CAA is anti-Constitutional and  CAA is anti-national, it will destroy our country but PM Modi and HM Shah are extremely arrogant for BJP's majority in the parliament.

Please think about it, Assam example is a fact, and act democratically before it is too late.


The author is editor of Eastern Crescent, Mumbai