Valentine's Day: Day of Open Immodesty and Contempt of Love

Valentine's Day: Day of Open Immodesty and Contempt of Love

By MD Shahabuddin, Ranchi

Nowadays, Muslims and the Muslim world, as whole, are passing through the difficult times. They are completely under the control of world power jews and christians' conspiracies. The naked and anti-Shariah dresses produced by western people, their dirty life style and manner of living, bad cultures and traditions, society destructive thoughts and concepts are at once accepted by their blind followers, ignorant and uneducated muslim youth, even educated people as if they have been given Mountain of light (Koh-i-Noor) or real Sulaemani Ring (Khatam -e- Sulaimani). They are very quickly impressed by their void ideas, invalid opinions and illegal theories, and attracted by their festivals and celebrations as though the centre of Shariah's deriving and elicitation is there, and main Shariah has remained there solely, as well as they are alone that have profound knowledge and deep grasp of all Islamic issues (Masaail).

While the reality is that they are real enemies of Islam, those have strong desire to eradicate most beautiful and strong Islamic castle and swipe out Islam and its followers from surface of the earth. For this purpose, they always try their best level against Islam. These anti-Islam forces always publish and spread among people the stuff opposing common and strong actions and orders of Shariah, especially regarding women.

Islam ordered women to stay quietly in their houses, but they twirled them all over the world. Islam emphasized on being very particular about Hijab and covering their all body for protecting their dignity and honour, but they made them naked by short and half body open dresses. Islam has differentiated  between men and women's deeds and responsibilities considering the requirements of  women's mind and intellect; but they raised  wrong slogan of "Women are equal to men in all acts", and made them beauty and adornment of each and every market and street.

Islam declared unlawful (Haraam) to have sexual relationship and wrong connection with any strange man, even kept them far away from all kind of sins that lead to adultery, but they (enemies) started trying to publicize them and made their desire and love in new generations' hearts in the name of 'Valentine's Day. They presented this day as most special and pure day for lovers. That's why, those who celebrate this day, are considered followers of high society and good manners, while the others those who don't accept this day, are considered backward, cheap, dishonored and conservative villagers.

No one can deny the fact that Valentine's Day comprises only immodesty and obscenity, nudity, obscenity and nonsense. The person who has a little sense and conscious, and likes best society to live in, can never agree to celebrate this day or let others do, whether he is Muslim or non Muslim.

It is enough to say about this day that it is pure idolatrous Christian belief, that is celebrated in the memory of adulterer, love flamer, named  "Valentine", who had sex with his beloved illegally on 14 February, thinking that having sex on this day is fair, not sin.

That's why, he was hanged to death. Later, it was considered as day of love and martyr in love, however it has nothing to do with love at all rather it is the day of doing immodesty publicly, discrediting the pure love and insulting the feelings and emotions of love. On this day, all bounds and limits of Shariah are crossed, and all commands of religion are trodden under feet.

On this day a strange boy expresses openly his love to a strange girl. Now it is most surprising that people eagerly waits for this day, and preparations are done a month before. Social media and newspapers are full of tips and ideas related that day, even ways of settings are taught, like: how to greet each other with a red rose? How to propose? How to present gifts? How to make someone close? How to give chocolates and sweet? How to hug and kiss?...and so on.

All these actions are unfair, disgusting and against Shariah. It is bad and deadly enough that is known to all on 15 February itself, when first heading of T.V and Newspapers are as:

"Love turns into hate, painful result of love marriage, lover kills his beloved".

"Boy stabs girl, tries to die for love failure".

"A 20 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide Over Love Failure".

"Wife given surprise  to husband, arrested with lover".

And this news is mostly written:

"Having sex lover escaped, girl commits suicide.

"15-year-old girl raped, murdered, naked body found".

پھرتے ہیں میر خوار کوئی پوچھتا نہیں

اس عاشقی میں عزت سادات بھی گئی


These are the results of falsehood, temporary and free love, in which lover says to his beloved: "I love you too much". And to himself: "I need you for sometimes". Is it called love that "Use and throw"? Is love the name of the relation that means "Nine days wonder?" Is love name of the connection, in which self-desires and lusts are fulfilled through wrong way? Absolutely not.

Love is the name of the action, by which human gets success. It is the name of natural act that is found in every human."Love" is the attraction that does two souls in one comprise. Love is that which lasts forever. Love is that, in which an pledge of "With you always" is taken firmly. It is mystery of human's   existence.

Islam never forbade to love someone, but it ordered to maintain ties of love with each other and always emphasized it.

Narrated Abu Umamah (رضی اللہ عنہ), the Prophet (saws)) said: If anyone loves for Allah's sake, hates for Allah's sake, gives for Allah's sake and withholds for Allah's sake, he will have perfect faith.(Sunan Abi Dawud :4681)

 Even he said:

"By Him in Whose Hand is my life! You will not enter Jannah until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another. Shall I inform you of something which, if you do, you will love one another? Promote greetings amongst yourselves."

(Sahih Al- Muslim: 848)

Islam always invited people to love, and spread it among them. But the love that is not in opposition of Islam. The love I n which commands of Allah, and way of our prophet are not violated and trampled. Not the love whose purpose is only to have sexual relations, debauchery and temporary attachment. This is nothing but a cause to destruction to the family, marital life and eventually society.

Celebrating Valentine's Day is firstly opposing the Islamic shariah and Prophetic Sunnah openly. Secondly, it means to take a man to the ranks of those who have the Prophet said about:

"من تشبہ بقوم فہو منھم"

"He who imitates any people (in their actions) is considered to be one of them.” And it is of course resemblance of Jews and Christians. The immodesty and indecency is done manifestly throughout the world that shakes all body and souls badly, if anyone thinks about it.

Now, In spite of knowing this fact, realizing this reality, and being exposed its dirtiness, harms, evils and deadly results, if anyone celebrates this day and makes preparations for it, as well as does not forbid his children from this devilish and diabolical act, does not prohibit them to be part of such kind of evil festival. On the contrary, he lets them free to do what they wish. It means he obviously wants to say that he has not liking for Islamic shariah, the life of our beloved Prophet is not best model and actable for him. He agrees that his daughters be ravished and their dignity and honour be violated. He likes only to follow blindly western culture, because:

ان کا ہر عیب زمانے کوہنر لگتا ہے

Such type of Muslims have no part from Islam,it is they who defame true Muslims,and uglify the real shape of Islam,in fact they are black blur on Islam.Valentine's day is a trap of jews,that is set for catching believers.And there is no doubt that most of Muslims are victim of it,and have fallen prey to their hidden conspiracy.Therefore,it is big responsibility and obligation for each and every educated and religious person to make aware people of its reality,try his best to keep them off.And actually recent time requires and demands all muslims to put all their efforts to ban and eradicate this festival for once and all.

Writer is a first-year DELL student at MIERC, Ankleshwar, Gujrat