Mumbai Muslims strongly condemn the heinous terror attack on Gurdwara in Afghanistan

Mumbai Muslims strongly condemn the heinous terror attack on Gurdwara in Afghanistan

Wednesday, March 25, 2020: We all Muslims from Mumbai, India strongly condemn the heinous terror attack on Gurdwara in Afghanistan. Our Sikh brothers stood by us here in India in fight against NRC and CAA. They not only expressed solidarity with common Indian demonstrators at Shaheen Bagh and other protest sites across India but served them with langars. One of our Sikh brothers has sold his flat to arrange money for langar. We are grateful to our Sikh brothers for their goodwill gestures towards the Muslim community in India and stand by them sharing their grief and sorrow caused by the deadly terror attack in Afghanistan.

According to media reports, Daish (ISIS) has claimed the responsibility of this cowardly terror attack. ISIS is harming and defaming Muslims all over the world and Ulama unanimously opined against it being in contrast with Islam and human values.

We demand Afghan rulers – wherein anarchy is prevailing everywhere and many so-called rulers have appeared – to prevent such terror attack on minorities and religious places amid their civil war. We also demand all powerful countries from across the world that are active in Afghanistan for their vested interest to stop such mass killing which is going on for years in Afghanistan and bring all the oppressors down.

We also appeal to India government to use its diplomatic sources to force the Afghan rulers take severe actions against the culprits so that such brutal incident do not take place in future.

Since here are restrictions over any kind of gatherings or protests in the wake of Coronavirus outbreak in India, we lodge our strong protest against that inhuman act in Afghanistan and express our solidarity with our Sikh brothers and sisters through this piece of writing.

From: Maulana Mahmood Daryabadi,

Farid Shaikh,

Dr. Azimuddin,

Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi,

Maulan Aijaz Kashmiri,

Maulana Anees Ashrafi,

Saleem Motorwala,

Saleem Alware, Hafiz Iqbal Chunawala and Abdul Hasib Batkar.