Tablighi Jamaat members donate their plasma for the treatment of other patients

Tablighi Jamaat members donate their plasma for treatment of other patients


By Jamil Ahmed Qasmi

Markazul Ma'arif Education and Research Centre, Mumbai

The positive cases of coronavirus are increasing day by day in India. Presently the positive cases are more than 29 thousand across the country while more than 800 people have died due to this pandemic disease, and some of them have recovered.

Last month around two thousands of people from all over the country and abroad had attended the religious event in Nizamuddin Markaz between March 13 and 15, after the Delhi government had promulgated orders prohibiting gatherings of more than 200 people, and corona positive cases were also found there in Nizamuddin Markaz Delhi, after this religious gathering. Now many of them have recovered after being quarantined and treated.

But some media channels had spread the news saying that this is Corona Jihad created by Muslims across the country. It has created a panic atmosphere in the minds of common people in different parts of India. Muslim vegetable and fruit sellers were not allowed to enter some of the Hindu dominated areas. As some Hindu people think that Muslims are coming with corona virus. What is the situation, you can imagine?

Recently Maulana Saad (the leader of Tablighi Jamaat at Delhi Markaz) appealed to Muslims and Jamaatis to come forward and donate plasma in large numbers. The members of Tablighi Jamaatis who recently recovered from novel coronavirus have come forward to donate their plasma for the treatment of other patients. Four Jamaati people have donated plasma in Sultanpuri, Delhi while more than 300 Jamaati people who recently recovered from virus have voluntarily offered their name to the Delhi government’s consent centre to donate their plasma.

In Mumbai a 45-year-old Tablighi Jamaat member who had recovered from Covid-19, has come forward to donate plasma for treatment of other Covid-19 affected patients. They are also saying to the doctors that, you can use our blood for everyone whether they are Hindu or Muslims.

Abdul Rahman is among the first few Covid-19 recovered patients in Mumbai who have come forward to donate his plasma so that it can be used to treat other people.

Where are the media channels now which said that Jamaati people are spreading corona virus? Where are the people who shouted Corona Jihad, Corona Jihad?

This is the answer to hatred with love, which has given by jamaati people.

It is an appeal to the people of beloved country, please respect each other. We must remember how our forefathers lived beautifully with communal harmony in this country and ignore the hate mongers.

It’s humble request to all Muslims and especially Da’wah workers who receive this  message, to come forward and show kindness to humanity, and help the society and government by donating blood plasma to a sick person only for the sake of Allah’s pleasure.

Writer is assistant manager of Eastern Crescent, Mumbai