Witch hunting of Muslim Activists amid lockdown: An attempt to silence dissenting voices

Witch hunting of Muslim Activists amid lockdown: An attempt to silence dissenting voices

By Amanatullah Qasmi

We have witnessed so many ups and downs during the ongoing Covid 19 lockdown. It appears to be crisis for some while the others make the use of it for their own purposes. It has also exposed the nefarious designs and hatred politics of the fascist regime. At this critical time the world was putting all its energy to fight the pandemic, our government seemed to be acting with a political vendetta.

Several Muslim Activists and students have been charged with stringent and draconian law like UAPA (unlawful activities prevention act) in connection with the violence that took place in northeast Delhi over the citizenship amendment act.

The students have also been booked for the offences of sedition, murder, attempt to murder, promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion and rioting.

 Government is targeting Jamia students and trying to victimize them by every possible mean.

Strategically they are using the pandemic to suppress dissent by arresting Muslim Activists and students.

 The conspiracy against these dissenting voices is an attempt to silence the opponents. Delhi police seem to be very proactive against these anti CAA protestor in this Lockdown, and arresting them under political pressure.

Special cell of Delhi police are behaving with students and social activists in such a way as they are terrorist while they were just raising their voices against discriminatory act like NRC, CAA, and NPR.

They had organised peaceful protests at different parts in Delhi.

Protesting peacefully for democratic rights is not a crime at all. It is the fundamental right of each and every citizen.

Among those who have been allegedly arrested are Meeran Haider, Safoora Zargar, Shifa Ur Rahman ,Asif Iqbal and Umar Khalid.

Meeran Haider a research scholar had been among the leading face in Anti-CAA movement from the very beginning. He is also a member of Jamia coordination committee (JCC). Previously he very often had been seen in relief works at the time of calamity and other difficult time.

Safoora Zargar an iron lady is M.Phil student of Jamia and media coordinator of Jamia coordination committee.

Despite being married she has been slandered and countless rumours have been spread about her pregnancy by some Anti social elements. Her character was assassinated by some rude misogynists.

Shifa ur Rehman president of Jamia alumni and a very active member of JCC  has also been booked under the anti terror law in the case and sent to jail.

Asif Iqbal Tanha B.A final year student and a member of  students Islamic organisation and the part of JCC has also been slapped with UAPA for allegedly being part of the conspiracy behind the February riot in North East Delhi.

Among those name one is Umar Khalid JNU student leader has also been booked for his provocative speeches at different places during the CAA  protest.

Why the government targeting only these dissenting voices? Why those hatemongers like Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur, Parvesh Verma and Ragini Tiwari have not been arrested so far for their provocative speeches. They are the real culprits behind the north east Delhi violence and  they are the only responsible for allegedly inciting  people for the violence. Government should have taken strict actions against such miscreants in spite of those who were fighting for saving the constitution.

Few days ago professor Apoorvanand, Prashant Bhushan,Teesta Setalvad and some others who always fight for civil rights have expressed their concern and anxiety on the consecutive arrest of the students through video conferencing and demanded immediate release of these students and social activist and stop misusing the like UAPA act for suppressing their voices.

All other secular and democratic voices must come forward and stand with Jamia students and all those who are fighting for constitution and must demand not to criminalise students and repeal the UAPA and all other false charges from them.

Writer is B.Ed Final Year Student at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi