The use of sentimentality, sectarianism and religion in politics

Dr. Zafar Darik Qasmi

There have been countless sectarian, riotous scars on India's transparent side since the end.  Unsurprisingly, this hack does not become a wound, until another unforeseen and prejudice event occurs that destroys our country's common heritage and communal harmony.  Regrettably, no concrete plan has been set up so far to prevent riots so that the evil elements feel fear.

Mismanagement and corruption.  Rather, criminals and anti-social elements are not only publicly turned around, but in the light of some evidence and facts, it can be said that their backing and patronage seem to have great powers.  Somewhere this process is open and somewhere behind it is done.  But the thing to consider is that whenever and wherever there is violence and planned destruction and destruction.  So the biggest loser in this is humanity.  Humanity is powerless.  Therefore, when politicians see the problem as removing the lens of religion and prejudice, they will find the right situation.  Also, it is noteworthy that when a politician or a dictator of power entices the people of society into the abyss of hatred and confronts them with their own limited interests and self-made interests, one day they become very destitute.  The fire of choice engulfs the entire society.  The recent riots in Delhi are also subject to the same hatred and prejudice.  The fire that had been burning in Delhi's headlands for the last several weeks was finally knocked down one day by the murderous elements of humanity and dozens of innocent and people were killed.  The cruelty is that the rulers of this country may be appealing for peace and tranquility on this genocide, but there is no remarkable step to stop it.  Raised.  Even the pictures circulating on social media show that Delhi Police was supportive.  It also concludes that the Delhi riots were part of a planned conspiracy.  It is not just that, the people who poisoned the pleasant atmosphere of Delhi are still roaming the open.  Neither the police nor any other responsible body in the country is ready to question them.  Imagine the elements that undermine the law and order of the country.  Of course, they do not harm any religion, but their wickedness and temptation is paralyzing humanity.  Intolerance and mutual trust in the country are hurt.  With this, it is true that such elements are deliberately forgotten about the pleasant tradition and brotherhood of the country and society, and by the seduction of the evil elements, the peace and order of the society and the coexistence of India's pure discrimination.  Demolish.

 It is important to clarify here that the political landscape of the country has changed completely.  Also democracy is in a state of disarray.  Meanwhile, other functioning institutions of the country have become the guardians of a few politicians and appear to be tearing down their frame.  The media has a lot to gain in this regard.  Now it seems that all media outlets consider it a pleasure to dance to the government's gestures.  They are the only ones that get stuck in their mouths.  That is what they are called.  That is, media sovereignty and locality have been completely slaughtered.  Therefore, for the sake of civilization, culture and justice in the country, the people have to fight for themselves.  Then go to the Delhi riots.  Victims will get justice.  It is because of not bringing the culprits to the role of the unbeliever that the peaceful atmosphere of the society turns into anarchy, until there is no concrete law in this regard, the elements of evil will continue to oppress the tradition of justice and peace.

 At the moment, a new spirit has been added to domestic politics - religion, sentimentality and sectarianism.  Citizens of the country have to understand that this is done when governments are unable to fulfill their promises.  Unemployment and poverty swell in the country.  The weak and the working class began to be subjected to oppression; the minorities of the country were exploited and they were treated twice.  Or increase the burden of worrying the public.  Remember that sectarianism, sentimentality and religion is the magic that makes every section of society glamorous.  Now the people also have to seriously think that they need basic things of life or they will lose their rights only through the resonance of sentimentality, sectarianism and religion.  Psychologists say that sentimentality and attachment to religion is a good thing, but when these two things are used to achieve a specific goal and political purpose, then they prove to be harmful to any democratic and democratic society.  Is.  This is the case now.  Unless the people seriously consider this point and criticize the negative performance of the political parties, political backers in the name of religion and caste will continue to interact with the people in this way.  The state of our country is no less than a cow.  One more thing to understand here is that the governments that gain power over fascism or religious sentiments, with great beauty and wisdom, threaten the existence of minorities for the country and the majority.  That the majority of the people are so invested in them that they find themselves feeling horrified.  That is why almost all the political parties are now raising the issues that are mostly related.  Or talk about issues that affect the majority.  Even so, we all have to think very carefully and adopt positive strategies to protect ourselves.

  When analyzing the opinions of experts and observers with justice, it can be said with great certainty that when the original defendants are put behind and emotional issues are raised and presented to the public,  If the people were shocked at them, then the funeral of justice and peaceful would be automatically passed out of the country.  Therefore, the current political situation is a reflection of this.  The horror of religion and communalism is now popping up everywhere.  That is why when the Home Minister arrived to rally in Bengal, some people in the Sabha shouted the same slogan which was used during the Delhi Assembly elections.  At this time all the secular and just justice of the country, as well as for those who are flowing for communal cause for some reason, will have to control their emotions.  The younger generation in particular needs to be very serious and careful in this regard.  At the same time, it is important to make sure that our character and actions do not cause any wrongdoing, which may lead to unrest or aggression in society and.  There is a need to consolidate democratic values ​​and secular traditions in the country, and this is possible only when we develop our thinking and thinking on the lines on which the survival of the country and society depend.  It is the responsibility of every citizen to protect this country and our common tradition from the evil elements. If the corrupt and sentimentality are punished for their crimes, then surely there will never be a situation like Delhi in any part of the country again.  ۔  The basic and fundamental thing for this is that politicians have to stop themselves from politics, sentimentality, sectarianism and abuse of religion.

Author is Post Doctoral Fellow Department of Sunni Theology Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.