Maulana Musa Makrod Sb (R.A.) As I Saw Him

By: Md Afsar Khan Ishati

Irreparable loss to the nation:

Despite falling short of words, I take this opportunity to pay my humble tribute by gathering up courage to express my heartfelt feelings on the sad demise of Mahboob-ul-Ulama (beloved of Ulama) Hazrat Maulana Musa Makrod Sb (R.A.). Taking brevity into consideration, I am really at sixes and sevens as to what traits of him shall I mention now and what remarkable instincts of him shall I skip for the later. It is very difficult, nay, impossible to condense into one word or a few words what one felt when one met the deceased and as a flash back one peeped into the history of his long and intensely dedicated life, service and sacrifice in the arena of education.

It was an agonizing day for all the concerned that on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 A.C, the heartbeat of each of everyone of us i.e. the reverend Founder and Principal of “Darul Uloom Markaz-e-Islami, Ankleshwar, Gujarat”, Hazrat Maulana Musa Mankrod Sb (R.A.). breathed his last, plunging all his associates in gloom.

It was at my chamber in Darul Ulooms’ staff quarter that, sharply at 4 in the morning, the news via phone came that our Principal is no more. I was stunned beyond measure to hear this sad news, and texted this melancholic news to my colleagues and students on whatsApp, who with sorrow prayed and passed a condolence resolution to be conveyed to the bereaved family.

Alas! The deep wounds of the subsequent sad demises of our spiritual elders so far, including that of ex-director of MIERC, Shaheed-e-Millat (Martyr of the Nation) Hazrat Maulana Ismail Mankrod (R.A.) have not fully healed that we were predestined to face another terrible blow of death of his beloved father, Hamdard-e-Millat (Well-wisher of the Nation), Hazrat Maulana Musa Mankrod Sb (R.A) In his death, we have lost not only a principal of the institute, rather an affectionate, loving, caring and sharing father. He was what a man should really be – noble, amiable, graceful and humble. The institute is very grateful and proud that it has had a man of Maulana Musa Makrod’s stamps and caliber.

Love and regard for Ulama:

He had utmost regard and reverence for the Ulama and seekers of religious knowledge in the institutes whatsoever. He was a firm believer in the dictum that Ulama, by all means, ought to be given due respect. As far as I recall, almost each and every meeting summoned by him consisted of the cliché that he could possibly bear anything except the profanity and insult caused to Ulama.

The words he uttered with deep sense and warmth of affection and kindness while addressing the students “Mere Bacch! Mere Pyaro! Mere Talaba!” still echo in my ears. He was keenly sensitive to their requirements and problems. He won millions of hearts and respect through his affection, kindness, humility, impartiality and gentleness.

To quote my own event, it was nearly 5 years ago that, when I, due to some valid reason, decided to leave the institute and was just about to give him the resignation letter the following day. But, he got to know it somehow and hence he called me in person and asked to share any problem I had. He promised me to sort out that problem, and he did, which resulted into change my mind and continue to serve in the same institute undisturbed. He was an unusual amalgam of steadfastness and gentleness. In his behaviour, in his approach to the Ulama and students; he was always humane, courteous and straightforward.

My intimate relationship with him:

It has been my good fortune to have served in his beloved institute for more than one decade and desire to continue in future too. Our bond of relationship grew and we became closer as the years rolled by.

No matter how bitter or severe the affairs turned out to be, he always backed me up and energized me to move on with it. Even after expressing my apprehension to face criticism, opposition and hardships in accepting the designation of Directorship of MIERC he assigned to me after the sad demise of his beloved son Maulana Ismail Sb Makrod, he encouraged and motivated me to accept it anyhow assuring me that he had full reliance in my capacity to accomplish this task and thus resolved to render any kind of assistance I might need on the way. Alhamdulillah, as per his commitment, without any exaggeration, he never disappointed me and always tried his best to grant every wish I put before him.

His expertise in a good & ideal management:

I was deeply struck by his expertise of management. No matter how messy the things turned out to be, he displayed his art of handling them quite masterfully. He was popularly known for his skill to recognize the talents of teachers and servants in his institute and how to use them to the best advantage. He would hardly give ears to someone speaking ill of someone else before him and skillfully diverted to another subject pretending to be more concerned and serious about it. He attended to everything with diligence, grace and charm and indeed this was so much a part of his noble self. To speak the truth, though an average Islamic scholar, as a principal he proved to be a man of experience in terms of management which is the very essence of a good and ideal management.

Humility and humanity:

He loved everybody and talked to everyone on equal terms whatever the status of the person. He never bore ill-will against anyone. Under the influence of his mellow personality even the bitterest enemies were subdued.

The departed principal was a wonderful host specially when it came to great Islamic scholars and they greatly enjoyed his hospitality. In case he failed to provide them with desired dishes from the Madrasa, he would manage to get it prepared and catered right from his home without making them notice the lack of anything.

As principal, he was honoured to have visited a number of religious seats of learning across India. Wherever he went he produced great impression by his courtesy, integrity and kindness.

Courage, tact and strategies:

Like many others, during its successful journey, this institute too happened to be a victim to many upheavals (like the sad demise of his beloved son, Maulana Ismail Sb Makrod (R.A.) supposed to be the would-be-principal of the institute after him, and so on), but he accepted those challenges and soon restored normalcy to the institute with great dignity, tact and impartiality. He nurtured this institute with his blood and sweat. He showed his maturity in the way he stuck to the institute with quiet tenacity for the best part of his life and saw it grow into a distinguished centre of learning. He literally planted a tiny seed and continued watering and looking after it until it blossomed into a tree with different fruits and branches and finally it gradually took shape of a garden full of flowers with different colours and smell. May this garden keep on flourishing spreading its sweat fragrance with the passage of every single day!

His extreme love for the Institute:

Taking the institute to the heights of success was one of his topmost priorities. His love for the institute was so deep-rooted that he readily welcomed and appreciated the ideas and strategies from anyone in favour of the progress and advancement of the institute. On the other hand, he was abhorrent to a person whose ideas or actions reflected his rebellious nature against the institute to such extent that no matter how skilled or knowledgeable that person might be, he would at once extricate him from the institute as soon as he came to know it. If by chance, considering the evil nature of the person as to harm the institute in long-term, he could not dare take this bold step against him, he would treat him in such a cold way that the person was compelled to leave the institute himself.

Immaterialized plans & incomplete projects:

He had a lot future plans and projects both in terms of academy and construction in pending. It was just one week before his demise that I went to enquire about his health. During discussion, he made the mention of a few projects including that of DELL. He wished to construct a magnificent building specially designed for English Department with the estimated budget of 2 Crores INR. Upon it, I expressed my desire about it to be constructed as soon as possible. But, unfortunately, he regretted about the impossibility of its plan to be materialized due to the present financial crisis owing to lockdown situation and so on. He told me that presently he had no more courage to do so and all is dependent upon us people as we could do as we wish to lead the department ahead in future.

As compared to previous years, followed by the entrance exam conducted in Darul Uloom Deoband, he was willing to allocate more classrooms to English department having appointed more teachers this year in view of the increasing demand and number of the aspirants to be equipped with English language from the same department. He also expressed his wish to provide the students and teachers with all required academic amenities making the classrooms well-furnished with modern tools of education like projects, computers and sound system to ensure quality education and interesting environment while learning.

Besides it, he seemed to be all contented and satisfied with the present state of MIERC saying: I have done everything possible beyond my capacity to add to the glory and quality education of the institute and have no regret about its future. However, besides introducing many other courses, establishing an English Department was one of his long-cherished dreams come true. There was not a single function or gathering in which he did not make good mention of this faculty appreciating and presenting its wonderful achievements as an ideal to the rest of courses running in the institute.

Punctuality, regularity & dedication:

Initially as a businessman, he said goodbye to his business and was blessed to dedicate a considerable part of his age in serving Deen. His devotion to the institute and the cause of education was beyond question. We hope and beg Almighty Allah to accept his deeds and reward him suitably for his services in this noble cause! It was a fitting tribute to the great services rendered by him to the nation that he was given the honorific title of “Hamdard-e-Millat”.

When it comes to the observance of acts of worship, in spite of being so aged, when other people about his age get confined to the four walls of their houses, the late was surprisingly mindful and punctual of offering five times prayers in Masjid that too in congregation with Takbeer-e-Ula uninterruptedly except for any pressing need regardless how hot, cold or rainy weather might be. Similarly, he was accustomed to reaching Madrasa at least one or half an hour earlier than the teaching staff and walk around the campus to make sure everything is going on smoothly. He even would deeply love the individuals possessing the same quality.

A quest for excellence:

He always remained concerned about the bright future of Ulama specially the ones about to complete Daura-e-Hadith (final grade of Islamic graduation). Hence, he would give them lectures on daily basis after Isha Salah concerning the minute issues and activities they might need to perform in public related to giving Friday Sermons, leading daily and Eid prayers, Zakat, Hajj, carrying out Funerals Service and so forth. The students would enjoy this lecture and fondly attend it without fail.

The awards and honorary titles bestowed upon him by a number of authentic figures and celebrated organizations stand as an open testimony to his achievements in his work field. I am sure the exemplary life and valuable contribution made by his Excellency will continue to serve inspire other administrators of the institutes in our country.

Last abode of rest and homage:

It was fitting that he should be laid to rest just beside the grave of his late son situated in the institute which he himself had built through his dedication and where practically every brick, book and tree he had chosen. He will be one with the soil, the flowers and the plants of the land he loved so much.

The real homage we can pay to the departed soul is to live-up to his high ideals and above all the example of dedication and selflessness set by him.

This was a brief account of his comprehensive life, for detailed description of his life, let’s wait for his autobiography probably by the title of “Hayaat-e-Musa”, as luck would have it, the work of which was almost finished and, for the launch of  which in annual function of the current year, he himself was super excited. Hazrat Maulana Musa Makrod’s radiant personality is no more in our midst, but his spirit will ever abide with us, inshaAllah. May his memory guide us on the difficult road ahead.

Let’s supplicate for his highness:

May Allah the Exalted reciprocate the institute and its fraternity with his better substitute who can effectively and efficiently manage and support the institute to the best of our satisfaction!  May Allah make all sufferings he went through during disease a good compensation for his shortcomings, illuminate his grave, and elevate his rank in Janna-ul-Firdaus! May his all possible endeavours and yeoman services to the institute resulting in reach the pinnacle of success be favoured with ultimate acceptance by Allah!

May Almighty Allah grant his survivors strength to bear this loss with enough courage and fortitude! Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen!!!


"Finally, the noble deed of occasional prayers and reciting a few verses of the Holy Qur'an is solicited from all the people concerned for conveying rewards to the deceased"

The Author is Director & Lecturer of Markaz-e-Islami Education & Research Centre, Ankleswar, Gujarat, India