By M Burhanuddin Qasmi

MMERC Mumbai

There is no way out for the #BJPGovt in the Centre other than to #Revoke3FarmLaws with immediate effect. Enough befooling has been done by Mr. Modi and company in the past 6 years, no more please. All Indians are not blind bhakts to clap and beat thali for anything and everything that he and his corporate friends do in India.

Mr. Modi said earlier that in 100 days, all #Blackmoney will be returned from foreign banks and Rs. 15 lakhs would be deposited to each Indians' account, outcome was a #Jumla.

#Demonetisation was disastrous which killed hundred plus people in the queues along with Indian economy.

#GST_Tamasha made Indian economy to sink as deep as minus 23%, the worst in the history of India, behind even all poor neighboring countries.

The adventurism with #CAA_NRC_NPR under communal agenda downed Indian's reputation globally as secular, democratic country and caused #DelhiRiots2020 by political fringe from #DelhiNCR against Muslims.

The dramabazi with #Covid_19 and communal rhetoric by #IndianModia during early days of #Coronavirus outbreak; later unplanned and sudden nationwide #lockdown broke lives of millions of poor labours and the uncalled for, painful journey back homes consumed many of them on roads and over the railway tracks.

Now these 3 pieces of laws which were enacted hurriedly by the cabinet ordinance in the first stance without proper debates in the Parliament and later went through the Parliament for namesake only, will force Indian farming industry to go under organized corporate monopoly. These new laws are nothing but to make Ambani and Adani the new owner of the "East India Company" in disguise of "making India".

Modi-Shah have already sold Airports, Indian Railways, bankrupted HAL, VSNL, ONGC and so many other public sectors industries which were major sources of revenue, jobs and repute for this Nation to send direct benefits to their corporate friends. Now, they are willing to own private farm lands from the farmers and control even the retail market via Reliance and Adani supermarkets. One may simply compare the electricity bill hike by Adani in Mumbai and comprehend how actually these guys are looting India.

Thanks for the timely comprehension of the brave farmers, this time, it is hoped that the Modi and company can't befool the common Indians anymore. #Bhakts and brainwashed trolls may go to any level, abuse and harass or claim anything nonsense but the #FarmersProtest in the borders of #Delhi is pan India #KisaanKiBaat.

We the sons and daughter of these farmers, we may work in any profession and may live anywhere - rural or urban India or out of India, we would support this democratic #KisanProtest by all means possible.

The demand is single that is to repeal the recent #FarmLaws without ifs and buts and this is minimum support price (MSP) for #BJP4India Govt. in the Centre.