The Election and the Myth and Miseries of People

Choose the right ones. Stand for the Nation – India needs a leader, not a jumlabaz joker, who wins elections and forgets all proclaimed motions. 

By Shahnaz Islam

[The author is a Gauhati High Court advocate, freelance writer and a poet.]

Most of you would agree that what the existing political system brought to us is nothing but misery. Decade after decades have past, law and order, administration and the governance; nothing has ease the lives of common people.  During an incumbency of any political regime or the officials of the mighty reigning, a common man is just deprived of his minimum necessity and human dignity. The vote he or she casts for the betterment of his or her and the Nation goes in gallows of certain class of powerful people thus yields nothing. We, the vast majority of people, fall short of to taste the sweetness of our own rights and privileges in this country – the so called largest democracy of the world – called India. All the glitters and vows from the political parties during election campaigns are only election fever and illusions for us.

This one Nation is divided into many nations within. Religion, language, caste, region, gender, rich and poor are distinctly visible lines of division within our political spectrum. In this country here, poor are becoming poorer and rich are becoming richer. The state of indigenous people and religious minorities became like a declared policy of keeping them in henhouse all the time. They are forced to live in filthy, stinky and helpless condition with minimum or very little means for a standard human living. They are like trapped in their impecunious lives by a permanent ghostly entity. Neither they can squirt the bitter fate out nor can they sallow it. The richer, among their fellow citizens, are arrogant, stubborn and careless looters. They are only filling their own treasuries and increasing the gaps more in each passing day and year with untiring help of political powers in the states and the Centre.

Mind it! This is not only their fault but we have a major share too. We choose people to loot. We sell ourselves cheaply during election and later they simply trade on us to gain more profits. To born in an impecunious condition maybe destined by the Creator – the Lord Almighty, but to die as an improvised and subhuman state, is your choice. If you are sane and physically able, it has been your duty to try, to choose and stride for better, for yourself and your loved ones.

Why to live in shackles?

Why to be the slave of a tyrant's absolute power?

When the Creator has created us as humans – the supreme of all creatures in the universe – the Ashraful Mukhloqat, as in the glorious Qur’an; then be a "human". Think and work. Feel and care. Be kind and lovable for yourself and others. Make efforts and take the right call at the right time. Make the best choice for yourself, your children and the fellow human folk in your country and the region.

War, hate, annoyance, differences or blindly believing in the flaring up high decibel sounds around, won't cure our chronic illness and won’t help us solve our consistent problems. Only blaming or expecting everything good from any elected government is not the right attitude when you chose to elect the bad elements when you had a choice. Hoping for a change is good but doing nothing for the change is foolish. The change must begin from within, the world will gradually change.

Modi bhakt – BJP enthusiasm or devotion of Congress, love for feminism or sloganeering for chauvinism; whether you're a Dalit or a Brahmin, be you are a Muslim or a Hindu, a Bengali or an Assamese; the riots over religion, bigotry on the basis of boy girl or a third gender and prejudice with language or the dressing style; are not at all what to choose or vote for in the elections, be it an assembly election or a parliamentary one. What is an urge need is a nation that is full of wisdom, with transparent democracy, true freedom for all, equal justice, adequate human respect, exemplary tolerance and intra-community brotherhood in Indian society. The color of blood is red in all human bodies. Every human breathes, speaks, eats, drinks, walks, sleeps and does thing in the same way using similar resources. Then why this political shackle that enslaved us for powerful tyrants? Please wake up and don't shred the mankind. Do aim at empowering yourself as a good human being and choose the best human as you leader.

“Rome was not built in a day”, the famous saying evoke struggle to make your Nation a beautiful, civilized and serene abode to live in for all living beings. India is bleeding. Her womb is torn and wounded by the hate-mongers. Better we care now, before we lose everything for a longer period of time. Dereliction of duty as a citizen, as a common man, as a human will result more penurious, unhealthy society, miseries and hopelessness in the lives of people of this Nation. If thirsty, one doesn't sip a vile of poison; instead, one gulps a glass of pure water.

It's time to come out of slumber. Myths and miseries shrouded around us. Farmers are crying, labourers are suffering, poor are fading but the politically empowered rich are merely looting. Recall the ‘preamble’ of your great Constitution and hold it tight to your chest and explore it in your mind and heart. Do free yourself from the slavery of unseen fear-psychosis that is deliberately implanted by the vested interest politicians. Choose the right person and vote for the right party for peace, development and breads of your children. Stand for the Nation – India needs a leader, not a jumlabaz joker, who wins elections and forgets all proclaimed motions.