Rizwi's Book is a Trash, No Further Introspection is Needed.

Rizwi's Book is a Trash, No Further Introspection is Needed

By M. Burhanuddin Qasmi
In a Webinar held on Sunday, 21 -11-2021 among scholars, intellectuals and ulama from across India and abroad who are primarily Deoband alumni and members of International MMERC Alumni Community (IMAC), it was thoroughly deliberated, discussed and resolved that alleged Rizwi's "book" doesn't meet any standard of academic works. It's not a book, to describe presicely, instead, it's a plethora of extreme abuses, a compilation of explicit filth against the loved and dignified Prophet Muhammad (saws), his companions, wives and whole Muslim ummah, especially those living in India. 
Some of the Webinar participants who read that garbage thoroughly remarked that except the introductory 9 pages the whole abusive texts that he gathered between the two covers and misattributed them to his name as a book, is not at all new, nor authored by him, rather this was plagiarized and Google-translated in Hindi from online sources only. Similar or same abuses and misinformation have been the campaign materials for anti-Islamic ultra extremist zionists and Islam bashers ever since the declaration of the Prophethood by the last and final Messenger of Allah (saws). Muslim scholars had already dealt with them in length. Some abuses in that so called book are purely of political nature like the present Jammu and Kashmir issue, Muslims' rule in India vis-a-vis present day Hindu - Muslim social and religious equilibrium and demonisation of a particular religious community etc. which Muslim Indians are now facing on day-to-day basis.
It clearly appears from those printed pages that Rizwi is so poor academically that he repeatedly failed to even correctly spell out proper and popular names of Muslims and Sahaba (raa) - both males and females, let alone serious quotations from Qur'an and Sunnah. The book-shaped contents, some others may have attributed to him for vested interests, is full of typos and a messed-up of repetition in 157 pages. Nothing is new there that a genuine academic person should even have a look at except to personally face unbearable abuses and insults against the loved Prophet (saws), Islam and Muslims. The graphics used in both front and back covers are Charlie Hebto type sketches and they alone should be enough to act suo moto by any court of India, if it only wishes to do so. 
There is nothing in that trashed - campaigned as book, other than pure dirt, uncivilized language and academically substandard copy-paste tactics and we can't respond to abuses, thus, we resolved not to do anything further in reference to Rizwi's intoxicant behaviour. It doesn't require further academic introspection at all. However, Seerah (the biography) of the loved Prophet (saws) is an important aspect of Islam that every Muslim child should learn and be aware of, along with Imaan and Aqaid, Halal and Haram et al, therefore, the IMAC Webinar today also resolved to initiate various projects using audio-visual, social media and printed means to transmit accurate information and respond to academic concerns against the Prophet (saws) and Islam including in Hindi language. 
The author M. Burhanuddin Qasmi is a Mumbai based Assamese native and the Editor of Eastern Crescent.