Mai Muskan Hun... HINDUSTAN KI BETI 

By: M. Burhanuddin Qasmi
#Burqa #Hijab or #Pardah for some Muslim women, across the globe, is not a political or mere emotive issue. It's just not a custom, not a tradition and not at all a forced or male dictated attire. It's for them, their identity, their choice, their freedom, their feminism, their right, their pride and their religious duty - directly doctrined in the Glorious Qur'an. For some, it's just a way of life, without any compromise - whatsoever. You may like it or not, one may agree or disagree but for some Muslim women, who are bright, qualified in all modern standards and are professionals to the highest levels, being among the #Hijabis is their soul; and a human can't live or walk without a living spirit in it. What may come, they will fight for it, anywhere in the world, and will win the battle, though it may take long - with or without male supports. 
On Tuesday, 8 Feb. 2022, a young college girl alone broke all hackles in the #BJP ruled #Karnataka state of southern #India. People are all-praise for her bravery and social media is taken to storme with her images and songs attributing her as the "Sherni of Maysore" in the land of the "Sher of Maysore" - Tipu Sultan. However, I strongly believe that along with #BraveMuskan we need to know the name of that teacher - protecting his female student like a father- a real protector, an unsung hero- he has been, as seen in all video clips came out from that Mahathma Gandhi College incidence. The rational world should praise every good deeds and condemn every bad ones, where ever they may be, in any form or any name. 
Make no mistake, the #Hijabis have shown the way - fighting from the fronts, be it in #Jamia #AMU #JantarMantar or #ShaheenBagh during #CAA_NRC_NPR protests or in this recent #MyHijabMyPride, #MyHijabMyRight protests across Karnataka. They have been brave, they have been courageous, they have been cool and composed and above all - they have been untiring - ready to offer sacrifices in the causes they stood for. And mark it, the idea of India is yet not dead, most Indians with human hearts and genuine sanity are standing with #MuskanKhan and #UdupiGirls cutting across all religions, genders, castes and regions as they stood during the #CAAProtest and the #KisanAndolan in the recent past. The #HijabRow has not only crossed Karnataka borders but now it also has gone beyond India's borders.
#HindustanKiBeti Muskan's Takbeer and her lioness like brave-heart walking in the college campus against hundred odds and negative winds attracted almost all international media headlines today. She is being credited with the "face of bravery" and an epitome of actual "Women Empowerment". All these headlines and media reportages abroad are downing the face of India and her secular democratic values, thanks to #BJP4India and #Modi_Shah's over adventurism with divisive politics and power hungry tactics to win only elections.
The author is Mumbai based native of Assam, director of Markazul Ma'arif Education and Research Center and editor of Eastern Crescent.