This is the time of the year when we make new year resolutions, only to break them. We have seen that a chapter of our lives has closed and new possibilities beckon us forward. At Eastern Crescent we have tried our best to give off-beat news to our readers. Here I am reminded of Tennyson’s ‘Ulysses’ where he says;
Yet all experience is an arch where thro
Gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades
Forever and forever when I move.
So in a similar spirit, though we have done much, we have not rested on our past laurels but we have constantly striven to give the best in both matter and manner to our readers.
In the changes over the 11 years of our existence, EC has acquired a certain gravitas and is avidly read by intellectuals as well common people. We have received suggestions and feedback from our readers but we would like to see a more active participation from you. This would enable us to chart our future course more in tune with what you would like to see in the magazine. Alhamdullilah our readership has grown over the years.
We request you to widen the circle of those benefitting by our varied offerings by recommending EC to your friends and acquaintances. If by oversight, our staff has not been in touch with you for renewal, we request you to immediately renew your lapsed subscription in the form given in EC and submit it to us. We call upon your good faith in the reliability and authenticity of the magazine to lend us your financial support to raise our subscription profile.
We have not raised the price of EC despite rising input costs in printing and distribution. Any media publication’s financial viability rests on the twin pillars of subscription and advertisement. As advertisement support to our magazine has not been very strong we have had to rely almost entirely on increasing our subscription base to cover overhead costs. Despite this handicap we have not tried to pass on the increased costs to our valued readers.
From the year 2014, your magazine has acquired an ISSN number and increasingly since then, has been eagerly sought as an information source by research scholars, libraries and teachers. From time to time it publishes authentic research papers on topics that are of concern to you.
We wish to highlight some of the important issues that engaged your attention in the year gone by. In the very first issue of the year we dwelt on the fact that prejudiced statements by certain lower-rung leaders of the saffron persuasion have spoilt the atmosphere for economic growth and reforms in our cover story “Subversive Elements May Harm India’s Growth Story”. We had emphasized that it was important for the NDA which had won a clear mandate on the development plank to stick to it through its tenure and not be derailed by fuzzy cultural issues and emotive slogans.
Our view was supported by a TOI edit that said “The effort to inject fundamentalism into Hindu belief could end up destroying not just India as a nation-state but Hinduism too. And upholding the liberal and pluralist character of Hinduism, as the Supreme Court judgment has done, will preserve both the essence of the religion and the integrity of India. The choice is ours.”
Another issue debunked the myth that madrasas are hotbeds of terrorism. Our cover story “Indian Madrasas Have No Link with Terror Activity: Modi-led Central Government” was based on an official government report that refutes the perception among a section of the people that madrasas are used to train terrorists.
Our story “The Truth About Vaccines” attracted a lot of interest. A reader wrote to say that the claim that vaccines were harmful was wrong, but then the writer of the story stood by his contention through various articles posted on the net in support of his view.
There was some hitch in our web edition but now the crimps have been removed and you can log on to our site www.easterncrescent.in for free access to our articles. You are always welcome to share your views and suggestions with us.