National Elocution Competition in English among Madrasa Graduates Concluded in Mumbai

MMERC, Mumbai.

National Elocution Competition in English among Madrasa Graduates Concluded in Mumbai
National Elocution Competition in English among Madrasa Graduates Concluded in Mumbai

MMERC, Mumbai bagged winner trophy and grabbed all the top prizes.
By interpreting heartfelt feelings it is possible to conquer hearts: Maul. Badruddin Ajmal

Mumbai: Markazul Ma’arif Education and Research Centre (MMERC) held its first all-India competition for ulama. Selected ulama regaled the audience with their speeches. Including Markazul Ma’arif participants from six other organizations, namely Markaz Islami Education and Research Centre, Ankleshwar, Gujarat, Jamia Islamia Jalalia, Hojai, Assam, Institute for Higher Studies, Okhla, New Delhi, Al-Mahadul Ali Al-Islami, Hyderabad, Islamic Study Centre, Ibrahim Bawany ITI, Baroda, Gujarat, and Fazlani Centre for English Language and Literature, Lonavla, Pune took part.

It was the First Inter-DELL (Diploma in English Language & Literature) National Elocution Competition held in Mumbai. DELL is a two-year course to teach English and communication skills to the madrasa graduates under Markazul Ma’arif which was established by Maulana Badruddin Ajmal in 1994.

MMERC has 7 affiliated branches across India. The best three participants from each organization were sent for the final round in Mumbai and in total there were 21 DELL students who took part in the competition. Surprisingly all the three winners were from Markazul Maarif Education and Research Centre, Mumbai; the first prize was secured by Inamul Hasan Qasmi who spoke on “The Concept of Jihad in Islam”, the second winner was Abdur Rahim Qasmi who spoke on “The Principle of Freedom of Speech in Islam” and the third one was Taha Qasmi who held forth on “Political System of Islam.” In addition to attractive trophies and cash prizes to the winners all other participants were also given consolatory trophies and certificates. The award for the Winner of the 1st National Elocution Competition for the year 2015 also went to MMERC, Mumbai.

The first session of the competition was presided over by Mufti Azizur Rahman Fatehpuri while the second session in the afternoon was presided over by Maulana Badruddin Ajmal Al-Qasmi. In the beginning of the programme, Maulana Muddassir Ahmad Qasmi, Coordinator, Diploma in English Language and Literature (DELL) welcomed the audience and explained the aims and objectives of the elocution competition.

The Director of Markazul Ma’arif Education and Research Centre, Maulana Muhammad Burhanuddin Qasmi, before his thanks-giving remarks with the cooperation of Branch In-charge, Maulana Atiqur Rahman Qasmi  and teachers, Maulana Aslam Javed Qasmi and Maulana Jaseemuddin Qasmi, presented bouquets and “Gamchas” (a kind of Assamese shawl) to all the dignitaries and distinguished guests.

Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi spoke to the audience about the salience of the Diploma in English Language and Literature (DELL) for ulama was first envisioned by Maulana Badruddin Ajmal in 1994 and was first started in Delhi and now the course is being taught in 12 cities by notable organizations. The course aims to provide ulama with proficiency in English speaking and writing and computer skills. He also announced that this national level competition will next year be hosted by Markaz Islami Education and Research Centre, Ankleshwar, Gujarat.

President of the programme, Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, Member of Parliament and CEO Ajmal CSR Group lauded the participants of the final round. He said that the aim of the DELL course is to present the correct picture of Islam and the teachings of Qu’ran and Sunnah. This requires a proficiency in English, inner purity of the heart; and intention for heartfelt feelings can only be correctly interpreted by the tongue, enabling the speakers to conquer the hearts of people, Maulana Ajmal said.

Dr Zahir Qazi, President of Anjuman-e Islam, Mumbai, said in his speech those who needlessly blame madrasas should remember that after 1857, if there were no madrasas then it would have been impossible for Islam and Muslim culture to survive in Indian subcontinent in the purest form its today. He was all praise for the high level of English language and rational arguments displayed by the participants and said that the standard was not of a diploma but of the post-graduate level. He said that our ulama were not at all antediluvian and the evidence of this fact was presented by every participant in the competition today. He lauded the initiative taken by President of the Markazul Ma’arif, Maulana Badruddin Ajmal and he offered his heartfelt thanks to the Ajmal Group Companies for their philanthropic activities, which present a role model for other corporate houses.

Hazrat Maulana Shumsuddin Saheb (Muhaddith) said that learning English to preach Islam is a very praiseworthy step and when these ulama equipped with moral character and purity of intention work in the practical field for the pleasure of Allah (swt) it is quite possible they may bring about a revolution.

President of IDC, Mr. Umar Gautam, expressed his sincere appreciation for the efforts of Markazul Ma’arif and said that it has now spread like a shady tree. Its alumni are winning laurels far beyond the shores of India.

Maulana Muhammad Ali Manyar who came from Makkah said that it was a historic achievement for ulama to gain a command over the English language. He lauded the work undertaken by Maulana Badruddin Ajmal and said after listening to the speeches of the ulama it has become clear that this is a notable Islamic movement.

Among the dignitaries who were present were Mr. Ebrahim Ismail Doodwala from London, Mr. Shumsul Haq Chaudhary, vice president of the Markazul Ma’arif (NGO) from Assam, CEO of Central Haj Committee of India, Mr. Attaur Rahman (IRS), Dr. Tayyib Patel from Aurangabad, Maulana Mahmood Daryabadi, Maulana Gulzar Azmi and Mr. Javed Anand from Mumbai.

Among the special guests on the occasion was noted human rights activist, Teesta Setalwad. She spoke and said that my experience shows that the students of madrasas and office bearers of Masjids are those with open hearts, and from whom all schools of thought can derive benefit. After listening to the speeches today I felt that ulama are the true messengers of peace.

The three judges of the competition were: Mr. Mohammad Wajihuddin, senior journalist with The Times of India, Mufti Dr. Obaidullah Qasmi, Assist Prof. Zakir Hussain College of Delhi University and Head of the English Department of Jamia Isha’atul Uloom, Akkalkuwan Maulana Shumul Huda Qasmi.

The compare of the programme, Maulana Shahid Moyeen Qasmi, Coordinator, Dept. of Dawah of Markazul Ma’arif, laid before the audience the steady progress of Markazul Ma’arif and the Ajmal Foundation. Among the institution representatives were Maulana Alauddin Qasmi from Assam, Maulana Moosa Mankrod from Ankleshwar, Maulana Muhammad Inaam Qasmi Nadwi from Delhi, Maulana Muhammed Rafiq Qasmi from Hyderabad, Maulana Aamil Sarwar Qasmi from Varodara and Mufti Miftah Hussain Qasmi from Pune.

Maulana Yunus Saheb who came from Madinah (KSA) made the valedictory Dua and ended the programme.


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