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Dear Sir,

This is with reference to Eastern Crescent Nov. 2015 issue which carries an article, “The War on Islam and Islamophobia” by Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal (Pg 31-36). The article is misleading and it is with clear intention of grooming readers for radicalization and Jihad.

However major flaws and misleading information are exposed here. I was surprised to read the pink coloured bracket text on page 34. The word sharia attracted my attention. As the three verses referred are from the Holy Qur’an, how can word Sharia appear there even if it is indicative and given in bracket? Sharia, the law text is a later development. I doubted authenticity of translation of the ayats.

Dr. Kamal blatantly refers to sharia giving the reference into inverted commas. The original words are not in singular but plural – kafirun, jaleemun and fasiqun. In fact it is mutilation of the meaning of the original text. It also gives falls impression that sharia existed then.

Dr. Kamal needs to be questioned over the state terrorism and sectarian bloodshed. Sectarian violence in the Islamic countries is no new thing. There is no consideration whether a particular sect people are citizens of the same country. Thus in neighbouring Pakistan, leave apart Hindus and Christians who are decidedly kafirs, Sunni majority treats Shias, Ahamadias as kafirs. The Pakhtun majority in Afghanistan treats Hazaras, Tajiks, Uzbeks and other minorities as kafirs.

The word Islam itself means peace, peace be upon you as they greet each other. It is to be noted here that jihad – the holy war is not among the five pillars or main beliefs of Islam.

However Dr. Kamal comes out with five obligations, namely Sharia, hudud, khelafa, shura and jihad to be fulfilled on priority. Now comes forth grooming for violence, radicalization and the holy war.

Dr. Pramod Pathak


[Editor replies:

Dear Dr. Pramood Pathak

Thank you for your writing and we appreciate your concern. Your write ups have been too lengthy to carry in our publications in the past. However, part of your present letter is being carried here. “The opinions expressed in various articles do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of Eastern Crescent and individual authors are responsible for their views,” has been our clear policy.

We do not agree with all that Dr. Feroz Mahboob Kamal has argued in his article ‘The War on Islam and Islamophobia” published in EC Nov.-15. Similarly we do not agree with all that you expressed in your rejoinder. Although we do not agree with certain ideas yet sometimes we place them in our magazine to provide our readers with an alternative view of things and invite readers respond to them.

Thanks — Editor]

Dear Sir,

A facebook post about Chirag Paswan, tempted me to write this letter. Chirag, reportedly said that he disliked being known as a Dalit leader. Why? We can only guess. With the countless atrocities on the Dalit, the Dalit tag has been besmirched in the murky politics and cultural chicanery practiced by the upper caste Hindus.

The point to be asked is this: why does he not use his newly-found access to the periphery of power to work for the untouchables? Is that not a worthy goal for a politician worth his salt?


Kakinada, Karnatoka

Dear Sir,

The secularism of the Grand Alliance won in the recent Bihar elections. The people showed NDA the real face of their 18-month activity in the country. They reminded them of their promises about development, and showed them a real mirror. But local elections are not a cut-and-paste job of what is designed for the centre, as the NDA found to its cost.

The BJP should realize that jingoism and intolerance can only go as far as the hands and elbows, but when it reaches the gullet, it invites a blowback and people start rejecting the politics of base passions.

The AIMIM contested six seats in Seemanchal in their maiden attempt but did not register any wins. Asaduddin Owaisi made a pitch for his party but the people preferred to vote for the Grand Alliance.

This also goes to show that parties have to work hard for decades for development and justice before they reap dividends at the hustings. Before us is the example of Kanshiram who launched the BSP.

He worked for decades for the Dalits but after thirty years, Mayawati took on his mantle and started winning elections.

Ansar Ahmed

Purnia, Bihar.