Shocking! Indian Muslim denied entry In Georgia because of his beard

Indian Muslim
Indian Muslim denied entry in Georgia because of his beard
Jainulabedin Hakimji
Jainulabedin Hakimji
Hakimji said that he was stopped at border control and ‘treated like a criminal’.


In yet another incident of religious discrimination, an Indian national Muslim accountant was denied entry in Georgia because he has a beard. According to a report published in Daily Mail portal, Indian national Jainulabedin Hakimji, who has been living in the UAE for eight years, was allegedly thrown out of the Georgia by security official at the airport because he sports a long beard.

The 36-year old Jainulabedin Hakimji was planning a three-day holiday in European country Georgia to celebrate Muslim New Year. Hakimji said that he was stopped at border control and ‘treated like a criminal’. The security officials did not even allow him to use toilet while waiting for a return flight to his home country. While Hakimji was denied entry, his colleague was allowed through border control without a hitch. However, both were travelling with the same UAE resident visa and were from the same country.

Hakimji claimed that the only difference between them was that his colleague was ‘clean-shaven’.

“When she saw me the lady at the counter immediately called over another officer and directed me to the last counter in the row, without looking at my passport,” Hakimji told Gulf News. “They said they couldn’t let me in for security reasons. But they did not let me in because of my appearance,” he added.

The Georgian embassy in Kuwait, which has jurisdiction over the UAE, said that the allegations made by Hakimji were baseless. “The accusation that Mr Hakimji was denied entry because he’s a Muslim and because of his appearance is completely wrong, because Georgia has opened its borders to Muslim countries,” the embassy said.  A Georgian official told the Gulf Times that it is at the discretion of border control officials as to whether they allow travelers to enter the country.