The heinous act of Kamlesh Tiwari had brought unity in the rank and file of the Muslim Ummah. Reaction by Muslims, who were expressing their strong sense of shock and anguish over the attack on the sanctity of their loved Prophet (saws), is justified.

By Muddassir Ahmad Qasmi


The age of civilizational conflict
It has remained a painful aspect of history that the opponents and enemies of Islam have been smearing the transparent character of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) and blatantly claimed all the time that Islam has resorted to violence, extremism and the use of the sword for its spread and propagation. For its survival in the world, it is dependent on the sword, they wrongly argue. But the facts are quite contrary to it. The allegations from the anti – Islam camps are both logically and practically wrong. For, it is an irrefutable fact that Islam always won the hearts of its lovers and detractors and created an atmosphere of toleration and extreme sacrifice for the sake of lslam and even forgave its arch enemies.
In the age of civilizational war, the adherents of the most world religions, for the supremacy of their own religion, instead of proving their reliability on just grounds, plot stratagems against opposing doctrines. As a result of such zealous mobilisation the world has been under the threat of hazardous religious wars time and again.
The revealed book Qur’an and the prophet of mercy Muhammad’s (saws) respect and sanctity is paramount to all Muslims cutting across sects, schools of thoughts and geographical boundaries. Those against Islam know it that any disrespect to the Qur’an or the Prophet (saws) will infuriate the entire Muslim world to the extreme limit. Thus, sometimes they label the Qur’an (sic) as the source of violence and some other times they regard prophet Muhammad (saws) as the teacher of terrorism and preacher of bad character.

Kamlesh Tiwari slanders Prophet of Islam (saws)
Recently Kamlesh Tiwari, who claims to be the working president of Hindu Mahasabha, had the audacity to utter cheap and intolerable words about prophet Muhammad (saws), a mercy for all mankind. The comments were made in a press note that he issued. He had allegedly circulated pamphlets against the Muslim community in UP too. Some media houses like Hindi daily Bhasker had carried his original hand-written statement in its 30th November, 2015 online publication.
It is easy for Muslims to put themselves into emotional turmoil after hearing searing words against their beloved Prophet (saws). Even the most common Muslim will find in him a flaming fire against those who besmirch the fair reputation of the prophet Muhammad (saws). But they must keep their emotions in check and seek refuge in the fact that there is rule of law in this country and statements denigrating the prophets or any religion should face the full force of the law.
Kamlesh Tewary, in his ignorance and prejudice, has made certain remarks that cannot be countenanced by any fair-minded person, let alone Muslims. Kamlesh is a Hindu, thus, what will a Hindu say when despicable words are uttered against Rama, considered a paragon of virtue. The shoes pinch on both the feet. What incenses Muslims, by the same counter, Hindus, Sikhs and other followers will also lose their tempers when their revered figures are ridiculed or besmirched.
It is a fact that in every period of Islamic history there has been a number of such people, who despite failing moral conditions both within themselves and outside, get the “taufique” from Allah (swt) to light their own hearts with the moral lamp of the prophet Muhammad (saws) and become beacons of light for the world. On the other hand, there have always been a group of such people too, who try to see the exemplary moral teachings of the Prophet (saws) through a biased lens. But the failure of these sort of people is that the historians of every age, irrespective of their religion, have been singing his (saws) paeans and the heart-touching stories of the Prophet’s life have tattered the mantle of prejudice of these unlucky people.

India’s current situation
India is the largest democratic country in the world, where all citizens enjoy freedom in spite of their being from different religions, castes, communities. The people here speak myriad languages but they breathe the same peaceful air in the environment. This is the reason why India is known all over the world for the harmonious coexistence of its people living in a spirit of brotherhood, and enjoying the fruits of equality and justice.
But some elements who are jingoistic and follow a very limited view of nationalism have tried time and again to disturb the peaceful co-existence of people by making remarks that are unbecoming of a truly patriotic Indian. They do not want to see the peaceful environment prevail. They, actually, want to earn fame through the wrong route. They seek publicity for their bold and outrageous statements.
Isn’t it a sad fact that for personal reasons they unnecessarily raise the communal temperature which sometimes leads to clashes and disturbances? If this is so, should they not be restrained by all sane-minded people? They, time and again, strive to destroy the integrity of the country.
So-called leaders, again and again, emerge on public platforms and suggest Muslims to leave their beloved country for not voting in favour of their party or not agreeing with their XYZ ideology.
Some of them use choice epithets and verbal abuse to silence their opponents. This been noticed to a greater degree after the Modi-led NDA government was voted to power with a massive mandate. Similarly trenchant and bilious comments were made after the Vajpayee government assumed power, but as it was held under a leash by coalition partners and the statements against political opponents of the NDA were less biting and corrosive.
But now there seems to be an open house for all sorts of comments by the lower rung leaders of the ruling dispensation and by other non-entities. These elements cling to cultural dogmas and obscurantist views and try to force others to adopt their narrow, parochial and prejudiced notions.
Those of the same saffron persuasion – whether a part of NDA or not – see the coming to power of the BJP, a political opportunity to silence opponents and disturb cultural affiliations, while riding on their pet hobbyhorses. They want to merge the whole nation’s distinct plurality and cultural diversity into a single monochromatic colour.

Indian Government’s responsibility
India should take into consideration the fact that some Hindu leaders and RSS people are speaking in a language which has been creating hatred in the society and hurting its economic progress. It is an accepted fact that a society makes progress only in a just and peaceful environment, and it can be achieved only when efforts are not made to flare up communal passions. Unless there is social harmony, foreign investment is unlikely to be parked in new ventures in the country.
When the PM says “Make in India” he should also provide with a conducive atmosphere for business to thrive. At the first signs of growing social unrest, companies who come here, would leave in droves.
It is a fact that the country progresses only when there are honest intentions to take everyone along. The biggest problem with Mr. Modi is that he doesn’t say much against these statements. To better the situation and stop hate speech he must react strongly. No person should have the freedom to speak against a particular section of society and to create disturbance.
US President Barack Obama had said the “acts of intolerance” experienced by religious faiths of all types in India in the past few years would have shocked Mahatma Gandhi.
When matters reach a head, it is high time for PM Modi, not only to speak out against outrageous verbal abuse but also take urgent steps to control the people making inflammatory statements related to religion because this is disturbing communal harmony.

The recent attacks on the prophet Muhammad (saws)
If we take a close look on the recent past, we will come to know that the prophet Muhammad (saws) has been targeted by those devoid of imaan and prevented owing to their moral purblindness from accepting him as the exemplar of the highest moral values. Let’s see few reports of attacks on the prophet Muhammad (saws).
On Sept. 30, 2005 Jyllands-Posten, a right-of-center Danish newspaper published 12 cartoons of the prophet Muhammad (saws) – one of the cartoons depicted Muhammad (saws) wearing a turban shaped as a bomb with a burning fuse.
The Jyllands-Posten newspaper on Feb. 13, 2008 reprinted a caricature of the prophet Muhammad (saws) which sparked mass outcry among Muslims around the world.
In the history paper for PG students some years ago in India, a question on the life of the prophet Muhammad (saws) used very insulting language. The question said the Prophet (saws) began his life as a trader and ended (sic) as a raider.
Producer Van Gogh made a movie in which Qura’nic verses were printed on the body of a naked lady.
Robert Spenser wrote a book “Mohammad: Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion.” There is a chapter in this book named “Meet the real Mohammad.” In this chapter he mentions that whatever (Kaifiyete Vah) the Prophet told was but his personal situation before detailing the revelation, and it was just a drama. Then he tried to prove that the Prophet (saws) was the most intolerant human being who ever set foot on the earth.
Recently there was an American movement and they used a well circulated weekly Human Events spending a large amount of money to supply this book freely to the people. This book tried to defame the Prophet (saws).
In the Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie writes, “In early Muslim biographies of Muhammad (saws), Muhammad was tricked into revealing these verses as part of the Qur’an by Satan and he later retracted them saying it was the angel Jibraeel”
The year 2012 has also seen the slings and arrows of scurrilous attacks against the holy prophet Muhammad (saws). A film namely “Innocence Of Muslims” was screened to tarnish, without much effect, the ever blossoming image of prophet Muhammad (saws). It hurt Muslims across the world.
The January of this year had seen another infamy, when a cover illustration of the prophet Muhammad (saws) was published in the latest edition of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. At the end of the current year, Kamlesh Tewary of Hindu Mahasabha used foul language in an attempt to throw mud on the resplendent character of the Prophet (saws).

Why do people target Prophet Muhammad (saws)?
The common agenda of lslam’s opponents is to put down the lid on every possible spout from where the magnificent garden of Islam gets water. To further their aims, these powers target the glorious Qur’an and the loved prophet Muhammad (saws). In the present scenario of India, attacking on the Prophet’s (saws) character may be with the intention of proving Muslims as intolerant as the consequence of their emotional reaction.
The other most likely reasons for such scurrilous attacks are mentioned in the following lines.
The people who are attacking the Prophet (saws) are afraid of a resurgent Islam. That is why they want to show an awful picture of the Prophet (saws) to stop the people entering the fold of Islam. They know very well that Islam’s foundation lies on the Prophet (saws) and his teachings. So, they might think, if they could be successful in weakening the foundation of Islam, they could easily damage the whole building.
They want to present Muslims before the world as a violent and aggressive nation. For, they are well aware of the Muslim sentiments for their Prophet (saws) and they understand well that a Muslim can never bear an insult to his Prophet (saws). So, when they target the Prophet (saws), Muslims become emotional and as a result, if and when, they take improper means as a reaction, the anti – Islam camp finds some delight. Suppose this happens, their enemies succeed in their aim of portraying Muslims as violent and aggressive.
If it is so, they have totally failed in their nefarious purpose because not a single reaction was intolerant. Compare this with the reactionary and vigilante justice meted out by some members of society on mere suspicion of eating beef. It is now plain to see who are those who display braggadocio and vigilantism on the flimsiest of excuses, and who are those who use restrained forms of protest when their highly venerated figure is called filthy names.
They want to gain some cheap publicity by trying to besmirch the Prophet’s (saws) character. This is because in the modern age, this is the shortest way to be popular for the publicity-hungry people.
Some anti Muslim people have been trying all kinds of tricks to keep the Muslims away from the teachings of Islam for a long time. They tested the faith of Muslims in many ways but never succeeded. Whenever they create a new stratagem against Muslims and they wish to see its impact upon the Muslims they do such cheap kind of acts. This might be the way for them to measure their success in defaming Islam and Muslims.

Countrywide peaceful protests
The blasphemy reflected the extremely low moral values demonstrated by the offender. The violator of the sanctity of Prophet Muhammad (saws) is culprit of not only Islam and its followers, but the entire humanity as no religion allows anyone to resort to such a mean act.
The heinous act of Kamlesh Tiwari had brought unity in the file and rank of the Muslim Ummah. Reaction by Muslims, who were expressing their strong sense of shock and anguish over the attack on the sanctity of their holy Prophet (saws), is justified.
Muslims started protesting against Kamlesh Tiwari first in Deoband, Muzaffarnagar and other cities and towns of Uttar Pradesh in the evening between December 2nd and 3rd after the controversial Hindu Mahasabha leader made derogatory and blasphemous comments against Prophet Muhammad (saws) in alleged response to comments made by infamous UP minister and SP leader Azam Khan against the RSS and other Hindutva leaders.
Darul Uloom Deoband students’ protest was notable for its restraint and lack of violence, which was appreciated by all. On the other hand Hindu groups in Uttar Pradesh have scheduled retaliatory protests against what they called as the “hooliganism” of the Deoband students. Demanding their arrest under the IPC, the local Bajrang Dal leader, Vilas Tyagi, said the state administration had remained “silent” when the students blocked the GT road. A meeting was organised by the local Hindutva groups to chalk out a strategy after Tiwari’s arrest.
“The SP government controlled administration allowed the irate madrasa mob to indulge in hooliganism. Why were the students allowed to raise slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi? The administration is helpless when it comes to Muslim hooliganism,” alleged the Hindutva leader.
Voices of concern and protests against Kamlesh Tiwari were also raised by Deoband VC Mufti Abul Qasim Nomani, Nadwatul Ulama Lucknow VC, Maulana Syed Rabey Hasan Nadvi and other leading Muslim organisations in India.
“Though Darul Uloom Deoband is non-political and purely an Islamic University but it cannot keep quiet on such infamy and will use all possible and democratic resources to stop it,” said Mufti Abul Qasim Nomani.
“I strongly condemn his statement. He crossed all limits. Your government acted quickly and sent him to prison. But, it does not dilute his crime as the issue will be reason for strong reaction not only in UP or India but in the whole world,” said Maulana Syed Rabey Hasan Nadvi.
Following the protests and complaints lodged with the police, Kamlesh Tiwari was arrested, and booked under different sections of the IPC and NSA. After his arrest, Hindu Mahasabha also issued a statement saying Kamlesh Tiwari is not a member of the organisation. The Hindu Mahasabha alleged that Tiwari is in fact an agent of BJP and RSS, accusing the two parties of hatching a conspiracy to defame the Hindu Mahasabha.
How convenient it is for Hindu Mahasabha leaders to disown Kamlesh Tewary after his derogatory statements against Prophet Muhammad (saws) roused the community to hold peaceful protests and sloganeering in various parts of the country. Some protestors have even demanded that the Hindu Mahasabha should be banned. This demand was to forestall incendiary comments by cultural or political arrivistes to foment communal tensions in the country.
The protests by different Muslim organisations in India against Kamlesh Tiwari’s blasphemous and derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad (saws) continue unabated, reaching other parts of country. While a massive protest rally was held in Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal following the afternoon prayers on Friday, protest rallies led by local clerics were also held in Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir and Bhiwandi and Malegaon of Maharashtra.
Protest rallies were also held in Hyderabad, with Muslims demanding death for Kamlesh Tiwari for the blasphemous comments he made against Prophet Muhammad (saws). Protests rallies led by various Muslim organisations were also held in Bengaluru, Rajasthan, Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra on December 11 after the Friday prayers.
The All India Majlis-e Ahrar from Punjab passed a memorandum on the spot to the President demanding strict punishment for Tiwari. Shahi Imam Punjab, Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani condemned the filthy comments by Tiwari and said, “Tiwari has added a black page in the history of India. His comment against Prophet Muhammad (saws) cannot be tolerated at any cost. UP government also stands responsible for such scandalous comments. The offender who used ill words against Prophet Muhammad (saws) should be punished by the Union government.”
Leading the protest organised by Bhiwandi Raza Academy, Mohammad Yusuf Raza Qadri accused the BJP government of protecting the Hindu Mahasabha and other Hindu extremist leaders and organisations.
Scores of Ulama under the banner of Rabita A’ima Masajid Jammu and Kashmir, assembled at Press Enclave in Srinagar to demand stern punishment against the Hindu Mahasabha vice president.
“Mere arresting him is not going to solve any problem. It has become routine for some anti-Islamic elements to hurt the sentiments of Muslims all over the globe. If he is not booked and caged, we will come out on the roads on daily basis,” Maulana Syed Waris Shah Bukhari said.
The protest rallies held in different parts of the country were totally peaceful and no untoward incident has been reported from any part. But, the Rajasthan police detained eight persons for allegedly raising slogans in support of the Daesh or Islamic State (IS) during a rally in Tonk district’s Malpura area.
The Muslims who were part of the protest however refuted the police claims and denied raising ‘pro-IS’ or anti-national slogans during the rally. “The protesters were totally peaceful and they were on their way to district magistrate office to hand over a memorandum. No one raised any controversial or anti-national slogan as claimed by the police”, said All India Milli Council spokesperson in Rajasthan, advocate Mujahid Naqvi.
The Muslim protesters also alleged that the Rajasthan government is giving their protest ‘anti-national’ color for political reasons and to gain benefit in the upcoming local elections in the state.

What should be the role of international community?
Despite the Paris attacks being condemned by all, especially Muslims, moves are on an international footing to bomb the ISIS out of existence. Similarly, strict measures must be taken on an international level to ostracize and heavily punish hate speech through any forum or media so that the sanctity of human relations is maintained. This will prevent hostile reactions from the crowd when Billingsgate rules the waves and the likes of Donald Trump should be trumped.
The UN Security Council should deliberate upon all instances of blasphemy and declare it a cognizable crime. It should also be made obligatory for every UN member to punish an offender, who commits the crime.

Punishment for blasphemy in Islam
Islam regards blasphemy against the Prophet a very heinous crime and the Qur’an strongly forbids blasphemy and makes 11 references to it: 2:88, 4:15, 5:17, 5:64, 5:68, 5:73, 6:19, 9:74, 11:19, 14:28, 39:8. They are all against it. At the conquest of Makkah, the great Prophet Muhammad (saws) announced general amnesty to all except those who were guilty of blasphemous acts and sacrilegious statements. Both Nasai and Sunan Abu Daud, famous Hadith books, narrate that a slave Jew woman was killed by her master for her repeated blasphemy against the Prophet (saws) and when the case was brought to the Prophet’s notice he declared no retaliation against the master. (Hadith No.4348)
The death punishment assigned for blasphemy is agreed by all Islamic scholars of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah and, is normally covered in Kitabul Hudud in Islamic juridical texts. Because of the evidence for blasphemy punishment being based on Ahadith, certain reported incidents during the lifetime of the Prophet (saws) and unanimous agreement of all Islamic scholars in all the ages (Ijma), many Islamic countries of the world including Saudi Arabia have legislated death punishment for blasphemy.
What should be done in India?
In an Islamic country, the one guilty of blasphemy is to be killed. Punishing a criminal or a guilty person is the duty of a government and not individuals like you and me. In India, though we do not have an Islamic government, but we have a set of inclusive laws which protects sanctity of religions and religious entities thus such a perpetrator be punished according to IPC. Such persons may be meted exemplary punishment as causing hate and enmity between communities and spoiling communal harmony. (Fatwa Darul Uloom Deoband: 1386/1226-B)
Therefore, the Indian Muslim community should demand a strict law against insult to religions or religious figures because only arrest is not enough as people who are arrested after making the hate speech and blasphemous remarks, they repeat their actions upon being released on bail. Thus, Muslims urge government that the rule of law should be strengthened and guilty should be given exemplary punishment so that others do not dare to repeatedly utter hate speeches and blasphemous remarks.
A glimpse of non-Muslim scholars’ views about the prophet Muhammad (saws)
One deso not need to say much on blasphemous comments because they have been prompted by jealousy, hatred and prejudice and people with such qualities will not understand the truth. But there might be another reason that they do not have sufficient knowledge of the winning ways and endearing character of the Prophet (saws). That is why they engage in such kinds of loose talk.
If this is the reason, it is incumbent on Muslims to reveal the full scope of the greatness of the Prophet (saws) to them. So, here are some non-Muslim scholars’ views about the prophet Muhammad (saws) that bear witness to his unparalleled moral stature.
K.S Ramakrishna Rao, an Indian Professor of philosophy in his book The Prophet of lslam” calls him the: “Perfect model for human life.”
Prof. Ramakrishna Rao explains his point by saying:
“The personality of Muhammad (saws) (is such that) it is most difficult to get into the whole truth of it. Only a glimpse of it can I catch. What a dramatic succession of picturesque scenes! There is Muhammad (saws), the Prophet. There is Muhammad (saws), the Warrior, Muhammad (saws), the Businessman; Muhammad (saws), the Statesman; Muhammad (saws) the Orator; Muhammad (saws) the Reformer; Muhammad (saws)t the Protector of slaves; Muhammad (saws)t the Emancipator of Women; Muhammad (saws)t the Judge; Muhammad (saws)t the Saint. All in all these magnificent roles and in all these departments of human activities he is like a hero.”
M.K Gandhi, statement published in “Young India,” 1924
“I wanted to know the best of the life of one who holds today an undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind……….I became more than ever convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity the utter self­-effacement of the Prophet (saws)t the scrupulous regard for pledges, his intense devotion to his friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and his mission.
These and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle. When I closed the second volume (of the Prophet’s biography), I was sorry there was no more for me to read of that great life.”
Thomas Calyle in his Heroes and Hero Worship, was simply amazed as to:
“How one man single-handedly could weld warring tribes and wandering Bedouins into a most powerful and civilized nation in less than two decades.”
Sir Bernard Shaw said about him:
“He was by far the most remarkable man that ever set foot on this earth. He preached a religion, founded a state, built a nation, laid down a moral code, initiated numerous social and political reforms, established a powerful and dynamic society to practice and represent his teachings and completely revolutionized the worlds of human thought and behavior for all times to come”.
A Honso de Lamar Tine, the renowned historian speaking on his greatness wonders:
“Philosopher, orator, apostle, legislator, warrior, conqueror of ideas, restorer of rational dogmas of a cult without images, the founder of twenty terrestrial empires and of one spiritual empire that is Muhammad (saws). As regards all the standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, is there any man greater than he?”
Diwan Chand Sharma:
“Muhammad (saws) was the soul of kindness and his influence was felt and never forgotten by those around him.”
Encyclopedia Britannica:
“Muhammad is the most successful of all Prophets and religious personalities.”
I confine here with these few opinions of some of the greatest intellectual people in the world. Otherwise almost all prominent thinkers and philosophers who have studied the Prophet’s (saws) life thoroughly have saluted the distinction of the prophet Muhammad (saws).

The real facts behind the saga
From the existence of the universe up to now, falsehood and truth have been in conflict, and this contention is becoming more bitter with the times passing by. So in this war, one who holds fast to the truth is successful and fortunate and one who is carried away by the tides of manifest error is a loser and unfortunate.
The Creator of the heavens and the earth sent down a blessed chain of the prophets (as) for the guidance of humanity. Each time the aggression and oppression strengthened, polytheism tried to prevail over truth, fake divinity-claimers – Pharaoh and Qaroon popped up and humans shirked their main duties. In such situations, Allah sent down a prophet to reform them, and reminded them of their duties and acquainted them with their actual responsibility through books and textual scriptures.
Messengers counseled the people, gave glad tidings and warnings of Allah and impressed upon them that all hard work should be on a selfless basis and should entail no remuneration. Our reward rests with Allah alone.
Even this proclamation with gravity and sincerity did not move the callous hearts of many of them. They were destined to commit mischief and sink in misfortune.
From Adam down to Jesus (as), each prophet asked the people to walk on the right path but only a few were lucky to choose the straight and narrow path and most of them remained unlucky and eternal losers. Eventually this series of conflicts also happened in the time of the final prophet Muhammad (saws).
Humans were in a sad plight and were in pitch-darkness of ignorance; they needed a savior and a spiritual doctor to extricate them from such a chaotic situation. Such a doctor and spiritual savior was none other than Muhammad (saws).
So his advent and existence on the globe was an array of powerful strobe lights that illuminated every particle of the world. His universal teachings, exalted morals, invaluable speeches, kindness towards enemies, clemency and tolerable conduct with his own people, fraternal behavior with foes even in warfare, urging of justice and fairness in dealings and following the historical conquest, an announcement of amnesty, healed completely the afflictions of suffering humanity as well as proved the holy Prophet (saws) to be a matchless, peerless and incomparable guide.
The reality is that the Prophet (saws) lived for 13 years in Makkah and he never lifted his sword even though he was severely tortured. Do the scholars not see his exemplary behaviour in the span of thirteen years? Hazrat Abu-Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali and Hamza (ra) were the notable companions who accompanied the Prophet (saws). Did any of them slay anyone or took up the sword or anybody has proof of any one being forced to embrace Islam?
Then why they do not relent and continually accuse Islam of extremism? In contrast, there is a large list of cruel and evil offenders who tortured and killed thousands of non-combatants in war and other opponents in peace. One fails to understand why these heinous acts of oppression are not only ignored, but also condoned, while they are the only ones culpable in their guilt.
When prejudice hardens hearts and the malleable nature of the hearts turns toxic, then the light of truth does and not penetrate within and everything is seen through the jaundiced lens of prejudice.
Is there anyone in the world to prove that one in any point of time has compelled another one to fall in love with him? If he uses force to create love in the heart, can he succeed? If one’s wife does not love one, can one instill love in her by violence and thrashing? Can verbal and threat of violence by any means force anyone to show true affection? If yes, so show me even a single instance in the entire human history. And if not, why blame Islam?
The mercy for humanity, holy Prophet (saws), has not only inspired people to attain good character but also has given stem warning against bad conduct which brings a curse upon itself. He (saws) has not only drawn a clear line between lawful and unlawful but also has explained the Islamic code on how to behave with others.
It is a great tragedy of human history that in spite of clear guidance and God-bestowed bounties of both sight and insight there have always been a group of people who go morally off track. The problem is that these sorts of people not only create jeopardy for themselves but also have a deleterious effect on people around them. Fortunate are those who amidst the jumble of right and wrong, support rightly guided ones and on the cost of their lives rescue umpteen human folk from hellfire and put them on the way to paradise.

The Message for All
The eternal and unparalleled moral teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saws) are a guiding light for human society. From Prophet Muhammad’s (saws) life men get inspiration for living by high values, and then they themselves become real examples of love and affection for the creation of Allah (swt).
In spite of claims of loyalty to the Prophet (saws), it is a sorry state of affairs that today’s Muslim Ummah is known for their bad morality. They have failed to translate their knowledge into action. There are two reasons for this. One is that they do not know about the Prophet’s moral decency while interacting with people. The second is that they have no impulse and strong motivation to put his moral teachings into practice. That is why for the last few centuries their endless stories of failure, humiliation and defeat are going on.
The ancestors of Muslim Ummah by deriving inspiration from the life of the Prophet (saws) into practice had ruled all over the world with peace and justice and made the world an abode of co-operation, tolerance and regard for all. If today’s Muslims want to regain their lost prestige, they will have to re­ charge their lives with moral fervour and align them with the ever-living reality of the prophet Muhammad’s (saws) teachings.
His (saws) life is like the cleanest mirror. Those Muslims, who are miles away from the messages of the Prophet (saws) in spite of witnessing his Prophethood can see where they stand after peering in this mirror and should work hard to adopt some of his manners and customs in their day-to-day life.
This mirror has such a quality that if once a non-Muslim faces it, he will be desirably compelled to throw away the spectacles of doubt and bias which has deprived him from seeing the right and would hopefully accept the truth.