Al-Qura'nul Kareem
Al-Qura'nul Kareem

Al-Qura'nul Kareem

Translation: And do not abuse those whom they invoke other than Allah, lest they should abuse Allah trangressivly without knowledge. (Surah Al-An’am Verse 108)

Explanation: No word which could be taken as abusive was ever said by the Holy Prophet (saws) or had appeared in the Holy Qur’an. This verse also stopped Muslims from doing so.

According to the background of revelation as narrated by Ibn Jarir (ra)   that the Quraish chiefs formed a deputation who would go to see Abu Talib.   To Abu Talib, the deputation said: You are our elder, and a chief, and you know that your nephew, Muhammad (saws) has been causing great pain to the idols we worship. We wish that you would talk to him and prevail on him that he should say nothing offensive against our idols, in which case, we shall make peace on the principle that he acts as he wishes on his faith, takes whoever he chooses as the object of his worship, against which, we shall raise no objection.


Abi Talib called the Holy Prophet (saws) to him. The Holy Prophet (saws) turned to the deputation and asked: What is your wish? They said: We wish that you leave us and our idols alone. Do not speak ill of them. We shall leave you and your object of worship alone. This will end our mutual hostility.

The Holy Prophet (saws) said: All right, you tell me, if I were to accept what you were saying, would you be ready to say a Kalimah (Statement in words) by saying which you would become masters of the whole Arabia with even people from beyond subscribing to your authority?

The Holy Prophet (saws) said: There is no god (worthy of worship) but Allah]. That infuriated all of them. Abu Talib said to the Holy Prophet (saws): O my nephew, say something other than this Kalimah because it has left your clansmen all confused.He said: As for me, I cannot say a Kalimah other than this. If they were to bring the sun down from the skies and put in my hands, even then I will not say a Kalimah other than this.

Thereupon, this verse was reveled (And do not abuse those whom they invoke other than Allah, lest they abuse Allah trangressivly without knowledge). This verse is to teach all Muslims not to abuse other religion while Prophet Muhammad (saws) was already free from abusing.