By Maulana Muhammad Sajid Qasmi

What happened to mankind, every one is looking fearful and mournful, no one is satisfied with the circumstances in which he is spending his life and passing his favorable hours of the day, searching for peace and contentment to live blissfully.
As a matter of fact, today the minority community, rather Muslims are suffering from deep and untold humiliation, and they are facing enfeeblement in thinking processes.
In such a situation, people are not feeling ashamed for committing sins and wrong doings openly without hesitation.
All fear of elders and parents vanished from their hearts and shameless acts are being performed by them on stage in front of crowded audiences.
Many people lacked knowledge of true religion and have reverted to giving undue importance to outward things such as money, earth and the sun. They are so falling in thought and morals.
Hearts are becoming stone; every day embryos are being killed, which is as if an actual person has been killed. As a result human beings became more brutal and cruel than even animals.
The powerful are crushing the weak ones, and adultery and fornication have become more common than legal marriage; the family structure is being destroyed, everyone is deprived of basic human support for good deeds even from his relatives.
In such conditions, to promote Islamic teaching is the world’s greatest need today and so we have to put into practice Islamic fundamentals and we have to adopt them, while enjoining good and forbidding evil.
There is no need to be disheartened but it is time to realize ourselves, to tell the truth about what is happening. These occurrences are a repeat of what has been happening in the past History bears witness that when people move away from Deen, deviant social and religious behavior becomes common. This is followed by other social evils such as drinking, and consuming drugs among both young and old also increases in such times. The harm caused by such bad actions not only harm, the individual but also the family and society.
To add to the roster of evils plaguing the past societies was the wide spread of immodesty, as nudity had reached its peak. Deceiving and dishonesty in dealings had become the order of the day. There was indifference towards religious fundamentals and necessary injunctions to a great extent and people were neglecting the truth. Irreligious berhaviour was undermining the social, political, cultural life of people.
They found every opportunity to do evil and avoid good.
As history recorded, when Islam’s rays sparkled and spread throughout the world, wherever Muslims went, they left a marked influence upon people by their good conduct and manners They won peoples’ hearts, and they could not help saying “Islam is the best religion and is the religion of peace”
But it is regretful to note that Muslims forgot their bright history and Islamic teachings as well as morality, in the present time as others had done in the past. They are not recalling their bright history in terms of feeding hungry, helping the poor and needy. A life of a Muslim should always be based on piety, righteousness and truthfulness.
He should never behave irresponsibly, and should abstain from seeing evil and doing it too, and he should be useful, respectful and trustworthy for others. But alas! Through internet and TV screen shows, immodesty is growing day by day among Muslims.
The way forward, as in the times of yore, is to lead not merely by precept but through example. People become good by not only preaching about good things but also by trying to be good in innumerable small ways. Small acts of charity, kindness and tolerance are required instead of railing against the evils of the world from pulpits.
As Islam is a complete religion, we as Muslims forget when we leave the mosques and feel that we are free to behave as we like. We should understand that, as someone has said, if we follow the particular pattern of prayer prescribed by Prophet Mohammed (saws), we should also try to live a life like him.
We have to be fair in our transactions and dealings. We should avoid bad habits and evil customs; we have to enhance kindness, love among nations and respect for others’ sentiments.
It is incumbent upon Muslims to continue the ongoing process of reforming themselves and trying to morally improve the lives of others, Ulama should play a significant role in such attempts without inflaming passions and hurting any one’s sentiments.