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Punish the rapists in public, rape will reduce

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By M. Burhanuddin Qasmi
Sexual perversion is a serious sickness. A sane and stable human keeps control even though he or she is pressed by the illicit desire and inhuman sexual instinct. On the contrary, an insane and sick person falls into illegal wants of body and commits sexual blunders. Hence, this itself is an identical distinction between human beings and animals - ever since the living creatures came to being in this universe.
An animal generally fails to control sexual wants and commits the act without shame, which a human being is not permitted to do by simple common sense only. Actual sanity is a human character, thus human is created as crown of creatures for its beautiful shape and capacity to think and decide what is bad and what is good for him or herself as well as other fellow creatures.
The Qur'an instructs human beings asking them "not to go near illegitimate sex (Laa Taqrabuz Zina). It does not only prohibits or forbids human beings to not commit adultery, rape or fornication, rather it strongly enjoins people not to go near this crime. That is to remain away from all means and ways which may leads towards this obnoxious crime.
This crime is among the most heinous and most dastardly ones for entire human society. Thus, even after the strong and very unequivocal warning if a person commits this crime then he or she must be punished and the punishment must be to set an example. The punishments are either death or lashes in public without slightest prejudice or tilt towards power and might according to Islamic criminal laws.
In India we have enacted tough laws only but didn't act upon them. Else following the Nirbhaya case in 2012, some politicians or god-men will not be still living among us to give us pain and shock again and again by their fellow sick-men in the shape of Aasifa and Priyanka like incidences.
I strongly believe, if only we can manage smooth and swift public punishment for rapes, be it at a stadium before people or in front of live TV cameras, the cases of rapes will reduce drastically. Framing hundreds of acts against rape or sexual assault will not stop the crime, unless we sincerely execute them. Better punish all those who are proven guilty after due process of law, without care of their might, political affiliations, caste, colour and religion; I am sure cases of rapes will come down, if not completely vanish.
The author is the Editor of Eastern Crescent and the Director of MMERC, Mumbai
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