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A New Scam

A New Cyber Scam in India, Which May Empty Your Bank Account
EC News Desk
17 March, 2023 
A new cyber scam has started in India. Someone knowingly sends money to your bank account or Google Pay, UPI etc. and calls you telling that the money was sent in your account or ID by mistake and requests you to send back the money to his or her number. If you send the money back, your account or UPI ID may be hacked. 
Experts suggest that, in case someone has wrongly made such a transaction into your account or UPI, ask the caller to come to your nearest police station, if the person is within the same city, with ID proof and then take his or her money back in cash. Else ask that person to go to his nearest police station and submit a written application stating required details, the application should be approved by the concerned on duty police officer or the Senior Inspector with rubber stamp on it and then send it to you. You may then send his money back through cheque into his account. This is a new cyber scam and Mumbai police has warned the citizens through an ad, as shown here, published in Mumbai Mirror, dated 12 March, 2023.
Another scan is cloning of your mobile number or email id. Consumers are repeatedly advised by all banks to not click on any unknown links being received on email, SMS or WhatsApp messages seeking to change user ID, password or resubmit KYC etc.