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Relationship between Fasting and Caliphate

Relationship between Fasting and Caliphate


Maul. Shafiur Rahman Qasmi

All menkind are given with the spirituality which is the feature of angles and materialism which has been bestowed upon worldly creatures. Therefore men are middle creatures between them. It was most necessary to be aware of the purpose they have been created for and the ability which is required. Angles were too weak to lift the burden of Caliphate and animals as well.

The Caliphate being entrusted to them requires compatibility with the place where they have to perform their job, as well as with the creatures whose responsibility, supervision, the government and guardianship is to them.  So the first thing which they accepted can be interpreted as generosity, humility, kindness, compassion, patience, knowledge, strength, cleanliness, wisdom and purity. The other aspects which they undertook, can be described as to eat and drink, sexual desire, hunger, thirst, seeking comfort and getting angry and happy , as well as treasure, wellspring and to be benefited from the blessings of the world and to spend it on the right places. For example being a part of their nature they have sexual desire, feel thirsty and hungry, seek convenience and modernism and prefer varieties of foods and beverages.

       The purpose behind fasting is to control bodily desire and to set the soul free from bad habits. It brings balance and counterpoise in sexual power and helps get everlasting felicity. Hunger and thirst reduces the intensity of lust and reminds of those poor and empty handed from a single day livelihood.




Note: Maul. Shafiur Rahman Qasmi from Delhi